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  • Panning for gold in the water

    e-FX: panning for the golden solution

    The foreign exchange (FX) market has become swamped with offerings from vendors, both existing platform providers and new entrants, and corporates may find it difficult to choose the solution most appropriate for their needs. This article aims to shed some light on the latest e-FX trends in order to assist with this selection process.

  • Global Cash Management

    Contingency planning for a potential Eurozone break-up. Getting on board with SEPA before migration resources dry up. Embracing mobile technology for corporate cash management on the move. These key topics and more are covered by seven leading bankers in this lively roundtable discussion.

  • Steel resolve

    David Felton, treasurer at global steel trader, Stemcor, talks about how he reined in too many banks, too many accounts and a sizeable pot of idle cash. Two-part article; part two next week.

  • Doing business in the United Kingdom

    A magnet for international investment

    Consisting of four nations, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is a world renowned financial and business centre. A member of the European Union since 1974, the UK has retained its own currency, the pound sterling, and talks of adopting the euro appear to have subsided as monetary policy has turned to addressing the causes and effects of the current economic crisis. The UK authorities have been proactive in providing support for the country’s ailing banking system, cutting interest rates to 0.5%, their lowest ever level, and embarking on a quantitative easing programme.

  • Cédric Suchet, SWISS

    Corporate View: 
    Cédric Suchet, SWISS

    Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) fosters Switzerland’s classical national values such as quality, punctuality and hospitality. SWISS offers a three-class product on all intercontinental routes, with first, business and economy class. Well established in the private travel sector as the airline of Switzerland, SWISS recently embarked on a new advertising campaign that embodies its emphasis on Swiss quality and proximity to the customer. Their new logo is now a tail fin and the Swiss cross, accompanied by the slogan “Our sign is a promise”.

  • Short-duration strategy: tailoring your cash portfolio for higher yields

    Record low central bank rates are driving down the available yields from money market instruments. Regulation is compounding matters by suppressing yields and potentially limiting the pool of investments available to corporate treasurers. With these structural changes in the financial industry reshaping best practice cash management, how can treasury professionals look to optimise their cash portfolio and achieve higher yields, while being mindful of risk? A short-duration strategy within a separately managed account could be the answer, according to BNY Mellon Asset Management.

  • iTreasury for all, Down Under-style

    Corporate clients of ANZ will soon be accessing cash management services on the move as the bank ramps up the Q4 2012 roll-out of its new Transactive – Mobile solution. Although initially intended for use in Australia and New Zealand only, the bank says it plans to introduce the service in “key markets across Asia Pacific”.

  • Calculating WACC – an art not a science

    The standard weighted average cost of capital (WACC) calculation that corporates use for budgeting analysis is increasingly thought of by some finance professionals as an “imperfect measure”, a recent survey has found.

  • Jet taking off in the sunset

    CAA awards Barclays Pakistan cash management mandate

    The UK-based Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has awarded a Cash Management mandate to Barclays Bank Pakistan. The agreement covers the management of collections from non-scheduled flight customers across Pakistan. Shazad Dada, CEO of Barclays Bank Pakistan, says the bank worked closely with the client to understand its needs and has now introduced a new cash management system “which will provide greater payment efficiencies and improve flight turnaround times on all non-scheduled flights in and out of Pakistan”.

  • Redback rises in Europe

    We all know that Hong Kong is one of China’s largest trading partners. What is less well-known is that a growing number (47%) of RMB transactions are initiated in Europe. In fact, according to SWIFT’s RMB Tracker – if you leave Hong Kong out of the equation – the value of payments between Europe and China has overtaken that between the Asia Pacific region and China.