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  • Buildings in the Emirate of Dubai

    Improving bank relationships in the Middle East

    Transaction banking services in the Middle East have become consistently more sophisticated in recent years to match the needs of increasingly demanding corporate customers. Here we look at some of the most interesting developments to emerge as banks enrich their corporate offerings in the region.

  • Repurchase agreements

    This month’s question

    “How popular have repurchase (repo) agreements been over the last 12 months amongst corporates? Also, are there any legal challenges that corporates looking to trade repurchase agreements should know about?”

  • Super streamlined train in Milan central station

    Re-engineering cash flows

    Hold-ups in company cash flows are a major concern for corporates in most industries. How can corporates streamline their flow of cash? What are the common culprits for delays? And what is the role of the treasurer in all this?

  • Business suit and equipment

    The charitable treasurer

    When a major international charity or not-for-profit organisation falls foul of a bad FX deal the impact is far greater than a mere accounting loss. Many such organisations lack the treasury know-how that could prevent such financially damaging events. Now is the time for treasurers to make a difference.

  • Federico Falciai, Enel

    Corporate View: 
    Federico Falciai, Enel

    From oil to gas to electricity, Federico Falciai’s working life has been based on energy and power from the start. Having moved roles from analyst to trader to auditor he is now heading up the cash management strategy unit of one of the world’s largest integrated power distributors, Enel. With revenues of over €80 billion in 2013, it is his role to bring unity to a complex cash operation.

  • In-house banks

    This month’s question

    “What benefits – both financial and non-financial – can establishing an in-house bank in the Asia Pacific region offer to the treasury function? And what advice can readers share on best practice for setting up an in-house bank within APAC?”

  • Close up of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin: the treasurer’s next big headache?

    Corporate acceptance of Bitcoin is on the rise, according to a recent statement from ratings agency Fitch. But can the companies who use the currency cope with the risks?

  • Pile of Renminbi notes

    BAD news for corporate cash flow

    Many corporates in China are finding their cash flow disrupted due to the increasing use of bank acceptance drafts (BADs). Their use has increased as the economy has slowed and credit conditions have tightened, and they now act as a secondary currency, allowing companies to meet their payment obligations.

  • Urs Müller-Ortolf, ERCO

    Problem Solved: 
    Urs Müller-Ortolf, ERCO

    ERCO wanted to improve the management of its foreign exchange exposures by gaining more visibility and control over group cash flows. Commerzbank provided an innovative solution that allowed the company a complete overview of its global accounts across multiple banking partners, and same day retrieval of account and transaction data which automatically feeds back into the ERP system.

  • Jani Kivikari, OneMed

    Problem Solved: 
    Jani Kivikari, OneMed

    Swedish multinational medical supplies distributor OneMed’s standalone bank account structure across multiple countries resulted in minimal liquidity and high interest charges. The group’s implementation of Nordea’s Global Cash Pool unshackled its internal financing and freed up its operating companies to focus on the areas where they can really add value.