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  • Anchor chain on deck

    The missing links

    In many countries, the presence of supply chain finance is barely felt. Perhaps now is a good time to take a closer look at how it has developed in recent years.

  • Lovely Tuscan vineyards during Autumn in Italy

    Corporate cards: programmed for growth

    Once merely a necessity for travel and entertainment purposes at large organisations, payment cards have evolved into an entirely different and powerful tool that can drive visibility and control across corporate spending.

  • Bert Heirbaut, Treasury Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group plc

    Problem Solved: 
    Bert Heirbaut, InterContinental Hotels Group plc

    A cash management solution from Citi enabled InterContinental Hotels Group to implement a cross-border notional pooling structure helping its subsidiaries to maintain optimal levels of working capital.

  • Lots of coins stacked in a pile to create a small mountain

    The trouble with cash, part two

    Following on from last week’s Treasury Insights, our three treasurers explore what makes the perfect capital structure.

  • Lots of coins stacked in a pile to create a small mountain

    The trouble with cash

    The current trend of corporates stockpiling cash was highlighted in one of last week’s Treasury Insights, ‘Much ado about cash’. In this, the first of a two part article, a trio of treasurers reveal their positions on cash and how they are seeking a balance between cash and debt. It’s not easy.

  • Squirell eating nuts, representing money

    Much ado about cash

    Large domestic corporates and investment grade multinationals (MNCs) have inevitably been able to stockpile cash to a greater extent than smaller companies. A recent Ernst & Young (E&Y) report identifies the complications this development has triggered for both ends of the liquidity spectrum. And in assessing how companies can cope with these difficulties, a number of growing trends that are afoot across the European landscape are revealed.

  • Clear skies, stormy weather

    Credit where it’s due

    Make no mistake, a modern credit and accounts receivable (AR) operation is “not just a bunch of guys making collection calls”, says Joe Prudente, Vice President Worldwide Credit, Future Electronics Corporation, a global supplier of electronic components and electro-mechanical products.

  • Duncan Perry, Morgan Stanley

    Fine tailoring: getting the right fit for your cash investments

    At a time when yields remain at historic lows, corporates are looking outside their comfort zone to meet their cash investment needs. This could mean diversifying beyond traditional instruments such as bank deposits and money funds. In this Bank Profile, we speak to Duncan Perry, Executive Director within Morgan Stanley’s Global Liquidity Solutions division, about the areas his team are focusing on to help corporates in this regard.

  • Judges ballot and justice scales

    SEPA: the race is on

    With the February 2014 deadline less than 18 months away, treasurers are finally focusing their attention on SEPA migration – but will companies be able to meet the deadline without getting caught in a bottleneck as they compete for resources?

  • Selecting a cash management bank

    This month’s question

    “We are in the process of selecting a cash management bank and I would like to know which particular criteria one should focus upon most and the reasons why? I have the following criteria:

    • Financial strength.

    • Long-term relationship.

    • Provision of credit facilities.

    • Geographic presence.

    • Breadth of treasury management capabilities.

    • Quality of technology/internet services.

    • Credit ratings.

    • eBAM capabilities?”