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  • Chinese tea set

    The future is RMB

    The past 12 months has seen astonishing growth in the volume of renminbi (RMB) payments as corporates look to leverage recent changes in China’s fast-evolving regulatory environment. At a conference in London, representatives from leading financial institutions and banks met to discuss the progress that has been made as well as some of the remaining challenges.

  • City of Kuala Lumper

    Major corporates spearhead MACT relaunch

    MACT is back on the scene in Malaysia, spearheaded by a number of large corporates. Its mission? To help solve pain points for treasury professionals operating in the country and across the region.

  • Pepijn Asselberghs, Brand Loyalty

    Corporate View: 
    Pepijn Asselberghs, Brand Loyalty

    Pepijn Asselberghs’ arrival at Brand Loyalty in 2010 heralded some rapid growth within the company, seeing it expand into new territories and inevitably taking on greater FX risk and cash management complexity.

  • Close up of a dragonfly on a branch

    Life in the balance

    Many of the cash management processes and issues faced by companies operating in the SME/MME sector are the same as for their larger counterparts, but there are differences too. Treasury Today explores the life and times of treasury within a smaller company.

  • Mahesh Kini, Deutsche Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Mahesh Kini, Deutsche Bank

    Cash application and reconciliation is a widely discussed and debated topic amongst corporate treasurers. Mahesh Kini, Asia Pacific Head of Cash Management for Corporates Global Transaction Banking at Deutsche Bank, looks at the challenges facing corporates in Asia and how the Bank can help its clients expand across the region.

  • Gunjan Dhawan, Coca-Cola

    Corporate View: 
    Gunjan Dhawan, Coca-Cola

    When Gunjan Dhawan first arrived at Coca-Cola India in 2006, the treasury function was mostly transactional – today it is seen as a strategic business partner, with other parts of the business looking to treasury to find innovative solutions for their issues.

  • Spiders web in a corn field

    Escaping the cash trap

    Asia’s strict regulatory environment has long been a problem for corporate treasurers seeking to optimise their group’s liquidity in the region. But with the pace of regulatory liberalisation increasing, the situation is improving. This article looks at some of the new options available to corporate treasurers trying to tackle the problem.

  • India’s summer of discontent

    After suffering the biggest plunge against the US dollar since the early 1990s during the summer, the Indian rupee began to stabilise again in September. What were the origins of the rupee ‘crisis’ and how have Indian corporates adapted their hedging practices in order to manage heightened foreign exchange (FX) volatility?

  • Ping Chen, Pfizer

    Women in Treasury: 
    Ping Chen, Pfizer

    Ping Chen traded in her aerospace engineer training for a career in corporate treasury. Seeing how international treasury adds a tangible value to business operations validates the change she made in her career.

  • Magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard

    Five areas of improvement for online banking

    Despite corporates wanting more, their online banking experience is lagging behind the times. Research from the Aite Group examined five key online banking initiatives to gauge corporate demand.