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  • Cindy Lee, Regional Head, Treasury Asia Pacific, BASF

    Women in Treasury: 
    Cindy Lee, BASF

    Cindy Lee’s career-defining moment was when she built the company’s cash management platform in Singapore – running across 15 countries – and took on the cash management duties of nearly 35 companies. The treasury platform now supports 52 companies across 18 countries.

  • A calculator, pen and a cup of tea whilst reviewing the euro

    IPS: where next for payments?

    Now in its 21st year, the International Payments Summit (IPS) in London last week provided representatives from the different corners of the payments community a forum to meet and discuss some of the issues currently at the forefront of their minds. Treasury Today was there to report on the event.

  • Family of elephants

    Running in the family

    SWIFT has been trying to engage with the corporate community for many years and yet membership has remained relatively low. By restructuring and bringing together core payments messaging and trade services functions, it hopes to generate a more inclusive environment for businesses, banks and vendors alike. What does the new structure look like and what does it mean for treasurers?

  • Photo of a science mircoscope

    The visibility conundrum

    Why are companies still finding it tricky to achieve desired cash visibility levels? Is technology the only answer, or are there more fundamental solutions that should be considered? Treasury Today speaks to leading treasurers from across the globe to find out more.

  • Photo of Neil King

    Corporate View: 
    Neil King, Carphone Warehouse

    Carphone Warehouse Group (CPW) is the largest independent mobile phone retailer in Europe. The UK-based firm owns and operates about 2,400 retail outlets across the region. Outside the UK and Ireland, it trades as the Phone House. CPW’s current treasury operation consists of two teams, each with a treasury manager: one carrying out projects and development and the other covering operations. In total, the whole function is staffed by seven “jacks of all trades”, where previously it had accounted for up to 14 staff (immediately pre-demerger from TalkTalk).

  • Chinese paper umbrella covered with Chinese words

    The ‘great rotation’: from West to East

    The world is seeing a dramatic shift from West to East in terms of dynamic economic growth. With China opening up further to corporates and levels of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country growing, is trapped cash the issue it once was?

  • Photo of a vintage telephone

    Treasurers need to talk about forecasting

    Poor quality data received from other departments is proving to be an ongoing problem for some treasurers when preparing cash-flow forecasts. But what’s the solution – better technology or better communication?

  • Photo of a drawer filled with money

    Debunking the cash hoarding myth

    Despite non-stop media reports of corporates hoarding vast stockpiles of cash, the amount held by US corporates only increased slightly in 3Q12, while both European and UK corporates are decreasing the amount of cash they hold.

  • Cash management: pooling

    This month’s question

    “What is an overlay cash pool and how is this different from a notional cash pool or a conventional target or zero balancing cash pool?”

  • Photo of coin operated binoculars

    Eastern aspirations

    The Asian economic landscape has changed significantly over the past decade and is still progressing rapidly. While the evolution is welcome, these developments have contributed to an altered landscape for treasurers working in the region, making efficient cash management more complex. As Asia’s importance to the global economy continues to grow, how must the dynamic market prepare?