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  • Ping Chen, Pfizer

    Women in Treasury: 
    Ping Chen, Pfizer

    Ping Chen traded in her aerospace engineer training for a career in corporate treasury. Seeing how international treasury adds a tangible value to business operations validates the change she made in her career.

  • Magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard

    Five areas of improvement for online banking

    Despite corporates wanting more, their online banking experience is lagging behind the times. Research from the Aite Group examined five key online banking initiatives to gauge corporate demand.

  • Global Cash Management

    With a still-challenging global economic environment, corporates are firmly focused on cash visibility and access. Are corporates finding it easier to attain the desired level of cash visibility, or is there something they need to do in order to get to the next level? How can banks help their clients navigate these challenges and, importantly, are they living up to the corporates’ expectations?

  • Anand Pande and Steve Everett, RBS

    Key trends in cash and trade

    Interesting times lay ahead for the transaction services industry and providers have to deliver on many fronts. Without doubt, the quality of the relationship and the insight provided by banks around the converging themes of cash and trade continue to offer a vital lifeline for corporates the world over. Anand Pande, Global Head of Trade, and Steve Everett, Global Head of Cash Management, discuss the depth and breadth of transaction services capabilities at RBS.

  • Anita Prasad, Microsoft

    Adam Smith Webinars launch with exclusive Microsoft Treasury presentation

    Treasury Today is launching a series of Adam Smith Webinars to highlight best practice in corporate treasury. To kick off the series, Anita Prasad will be discussing how Microsoft manages its cash globally.

  • Global Cash Management Talking Treasury Forum

    Are banks really aligned with corporates on cash management issues? Treasury Today’s Global Cash Management Talking Treasury Forum finds out.

  • David Blair, Managing Director, Acarate

    Death of notional pooling?

    Independent industry analysis from our corporate treasury insider.

  • Commercial card programmes

    This month’s question

    “What are the challenges to rolling out a commercial card programme in Asia?”

  • Kuldeep Maheshwari, Volkswagen Group India

    Corporate View: 
    Kuldeep Maheshwari, Volkswagen Group India

    Kuldeep Maheshwari, together with two colleagues, took the unique opportunity to create a treasury centre from scratch, which five years on is almost complete. His next goal is to have all of treasury’s processes fully automated and in a global standard.

  • Highlighted definition of Plan B

    Do you have a plan B for SEPA?

    The golden rule in any project design is to always have a Plan B. It’s becoming clear, however, that there is no fall-back plan for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), despite all indications that many corporates will not be ready in time.