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  • Photo of a drawer filled with money

    Debunking the cash hoarding myth

    Despite non-stop media reports of corporates hoarding vast stockpiles of cash, the amount held by US corporates only increased slightly in 3Q12, while both European and UK corporates are decreasing the amount of cash they hold.

  • Cash management: pooling

    This month’s question

    “What is an overlay cash pool and how is this different from a notional cash pool or a conventional target or zero balancing cash pool?”

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    Eastern aspirations

    The Asian economic landscape has changed significantly over the past decade and is still progressing rapidly. While the evolution is welcome, these developments have contributed to an altered landscape for treasurers working in the region, making efficient cash management more complex. As Asia’s importance to the global economy continues to grow, how must the dynamic market prepare?

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    Corporate View: 
    Chaoqun Gao, Heraeus

    Heraeus is a German-based, family owned company and has been so for over 160 years. With more than 13,300 employees across over 130 subsidiaries, the global firm’s business groups cover precious metals, materials and technologies, sensors, biomaterials, medical, dental, and pharmaceutical products, quartz glass and speciality light sources. In 2011, Heraeus recorded their most successful year in the company’s history with product revenues of €4.8 billion and precious metals trading revenue of €21.3 billion.

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    No last orders for Japan’s Suntory

    As the global economy continues to lose steam, Japanese corporates – like many across the Asian landscape – find themselves dealing with the impact of continuing deflation and other harsh economic conditions. Ambitious Japanese brewing and distilling company group, Suntory, ensures that cash management is its top priority.

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    Working capital: consistency is critical

    What’s the biggest issue when it comes to working capital? It’s consistency, according to Gavin Swindell, Managing Director at REL Consulting.

  • Anchor chain on deck

    The missing links

    In many countries, the presence of supply chain finance is barely felt. Perhaps now is a good time to take a closer look at how it has developed in recent years.

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    Corporate cards: programmed for growth

    Once merely a necessity for travel and entertainment purposes at large organisations, payment cards have evolved into an entirely different and powerful tool that can drive visibility and control across corporate spending.

  • Bert Heirbaut, Treasury Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group plc

    Problem Solved: 
    Bert Heirbaut, InterContinental Hotels Group plc

    A cash management solution from Citi enabled InterContinental Hotels Group to implement a cross-border notional pooling structure helping its subsidiaries to maintain optimal levels of working capital.

  • Lots of coins stacked in a pile to create a small mountain

    The trouble with cash, part two

    Following on from last week’s Treasury Insights, our three treasurers explore what makes the perfect capital structure.