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  • Houston pin pointed on map

    Houston, we don’t have a problem

    It would be the world’s 12th largest economy if it was actually a sovereign state and it would be a rare one too with growth of more than 5%. A new survey of the Texan treasury community reveals its hopes and fears.

  • Business man playing Jenga

    Optimising cash and liquidity: the hybrid way

    In light of the recent – and ongoing – financial turmoil and liquidity risk, it is well reported that effective treasury and cash management remains critical. But how can treasurers optimise the cash management function to save costs and minimise risk, whilst also improving performance and creating value?

  • Christophe Liaudon, Neopost

    Corporate View: 
    Christophe Liaudon, Neopost

    Motivated by travel and the discovery of new cultures, Christophe Liaudon, has always sought an international outlook in his work. Although he has held his current position for well over a decade, his arrival in an industry that by definition is all about movement seems entirely appropriate. His approach to treasury carries a similar restlessness, always seeking out new and better ways of moving forwards.

  • Two people passing relay baton between them

    Discounting for the 21st century

    A number of misconceptions exist around dynamic discounting. Here, we aim to dispel these myths and get to the heart of why dynamic discounting can be beneficial for both buyers and suppliers.

  • Surfer riding a wave

    Moving in waves

    Inefficient mobilisation of liquidity has a number of negative effects on corporate financial well-being, not least being increased risk. The good news for businesses is that there are several ways to hold a steady course in a rolling ocean of market uncertainty.

  • Innovation and digitisation: 
    The treasurer’s imperative

    Far from being mere industry buzzwords, the rapid evolution of payment systems and solutions, together with the growing digitisation of corporate banking services, look set to fundamentally change the way that corporate treasurers operate. From virtual accounts to in-depth analytics, the digital world is your oyster.

  • ME cash management

    This month’s question

    “With so much focus on electronic payments in the region, what do readers consider to be the key developments in the Middle East cash management space today?”

  • Mobile phone resting on laptop keyboard and credit card

    In and out of Africa: cash mobilisation in emerging economies

    Moving into Africa brings opportunities and risks that must be tackled if success is on the agenda. When it comes to mobilising cash, the same strengths and weaknesses must be dealt with to make the most of the experience. How can this be achieved?

  • André Rijs, ING

    Next generation global cash management

    As companies continue to expand their operations overseas in search for new growth markets or cost efficiencies, treasury technology and liquidity structures are evolving too. What does next generation global cash management look like and where will the march towards international business take us next?

  • Man working with data and charts on computer

    The trouble with Excel

    The most common treasury technology is Excel; for the expert-user it is powerful, familiar and flexible. But for a large corporate trying to match and reconcile high volumes of accounts receivables transactions it is potentially a serious liability. What can be done about it?