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    Are your systems due a ‘spring clean’?

    Driving efficiency, of course, always tops the corporate agenda. But in reality, if something isn’t broken, it is easy to overlook. Chris Jackson, Head of Cash Management and Payments, Mid Markets, for Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking believes the New Year provides a great reason to take a closer look at those processes which may have niggling issues – and advises who can help along the way.

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    Protecting your assets

    Cash flow forecasting is crucial to managing the financial health of a company and as such, it has remained at the top of the corporate agenda for some time now. But it can be one of the most frustrating tasks, partly because of inaccurate and untimely reporting from different business units. Is a simple or sophisticated approach best? Can technology make the job easier? Treasury Today goes back to basics to answer these questions and more.

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    The strategic value of insurance: part two

    The ability to accurately calculate the relative merits of purchasing corporate risk insurance versus insuring through a wholly-owned captive insurer versus self-funding a loss opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making. In part two of this look at risk insurance we look at a new Big Data-led take on price comparison.

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    The strategic value of insurance: part one

    If treasurers can easily calculate the value of buying insurance versus the cost of holding capital, it opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making when dealing with stakeholders and insurers alike.

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    Friend or foe: repos unravelled

    Whether repos are seen as the answer to cash deposit prayers in a low-yield era or as an administrative headache depends on your level of understanding. Treasury Today seeks an explanation from an industry exponent.

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    Are your cash investments ringing the changes?

    With regulatory pressure bearing down on financial institutions, treasurers with surplus cash are facing increasingly difficult decisions when it comes to choosing the most appropriate investments. A new global corporate survey reveals a changing corporate cash investment landscape.

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    Corporate treasury in India – the age of sophistication

    Corporate treasury in India is a fairly young profession. Yet, despite this and the numerous challenges that corporates in India have faced over recent years, treasuries are thriving and rapidly growing in terms of sophistication.

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    Cash management tools compared – Part two

    Last week we analysed a number of the cash management tools available to corporates. This week we look at another suite of tools and our treasury expert David Blair, Managing Director at Acarate outlines how these can be used to meet different cash management objectives.

  • Treasury in Latin America

    This month’s question

    “What’s new in the Latin American treasury space? Are there any cash management or payment innovations treasurers should be aware of, for instance?”

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    Show me the money

    In recent years, survey after survey has shown ‘improvements to cash visibility’ to be near the top of the corporate treasurer’s wish list. Achieving that desired level of visibility, however, seems always just out of reach. Why are companies still finding it tricky to get proper visibility over their cash? Is technology always the answer or should treasurers be thinking about more fundamental changes? In this article, industry experts give us their take on this perennially thorny issue.