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  • Evolution of red tulips blossoming

    The evolution of cash management

    Since the credit crisis, prudent financial management has led many corporates to accumulate substantial cash reserves. These reserves have usually been placed with banks or in money market funds – but recent developments are leading treasurers to reconsider how to manage their cash.

  • Locked traditional Chinese door

    China’s capital controls: the inside track

    The reintroduction of capital controls in China is creating myriad challenges for treasurers who have grown used to freely moving the RMB into and out of the country.

  • Cradle physics concept for action and reaction

    Cash management and the platform based economy

    How organisations are doing business is changing and this is having a sizeable impact on corporate cash management.

  • Coins spilling out a piggy bank vase

    Cash segmentation and investments

    A successful treasurer is one who achieves a good balance between investing excess cash and delivering the necessary cash resources to support company liquidity. In this article, we look at how categorising cash into separate portfolios enables consideration of the risk/return profile necessary to meet the company’s liquidity requirements.

  • Crumpled office paper around a lit lightbulb

    The problem with POBO

    Few would deny that payment on behalf of structures have delivered many benefits to corporate treasury departments looking to streamline their payments process. However, there are some issues with the solution that are often overlooked. Francisco de Barros, EMEA Regional Treasurer at AbbVie, sits down with Treasury Today to discuss these.

  • Baby sugar cane farm in India

    Fresh farm financing

    A pioneering product has been launched by the State Bank of India in conjunction with Jain Farm Fresh that harnesses the power of digitisation to revolutionise how farmers across India sell their goods and access financing.

  • Silhouette of a Samurai posing during sunset

    Turning Japanese: a loans market to beat its rivals

    Have changing market conditions left Japanese banks better positioned to capture foreign companies' financing demands than rivals in other Asian financial hubs? We ask a Japanese megabank to explain.

  • Golden coins in buckets

    Welcome to the liquidity machine

    In a volatile world, where market pressures seem to be pulling treasurers in several directions at once, being able to automatically manage operational liquidity and surplus cash sounds like an attractive proposition. A new banking solution promises to deliver just that.

  • Horizon view of Earth lit up by lights

    Virtual accounts: a real alternative to notional pooling?

    Virtual accounts have been the talk of the treasury community in 2016. Virtual cash management could well become next year’s must-have.

  • Kevin Grant, Hanse Orga

    Industry View: 
    Kevin Grant, Hanse Orga

    In a recent survey of corporates at Finanzsymposium in Mannheim, Germany, 85% said working capital management will rise in importance in the future. Extrapolate this figure to the wider global corporate community and, give or take some statistical license, it is not difficult to see that in order to meet future needs, now is the right time to invest in process improvements.