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    Treasurers flock to virtual accounts

    Over the past year, many of the RFPs received by leading banks in Europe have shared something in common: that something is virtual accounts. But when will companies in other regions be able to benefit from the solution?

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    Centralising treasury in Africa – some considerations

    Corporates doing more business in Africa are increasingly looking to centralise treasury operations. Here we look at the various locations where it’s best to do this and how liquidity can be managed across this vast continent.

  • Road separates into two different directions

    Finding a new bank tops list of treasury challenges

    Switching banks became a top challenge for Europe’s corporate treasurers after a major provider pulled out of international transaction services last year – and industry experts are warning there could be more disruption still to come.

  • Christophe Roy, HSBC

    France: the home of stability

    One of the leading European nations, France’s economy didn’t suffer to the same extent as other countries in the economic crisis. Growth, however, seemed to stagnate in the years following and is now set to rise steadily in 2016 and beyond.

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    Castrol India’s cash management revolution

    Castrol India sells its products to over 6,000 customers requiring a highly efficient and well-controlled collection process. Here the team outline how they have developed such a system and the benefits they have gained from this project.

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    A valuable proposition

    Often cheaper and faster than using external banking infrastructures, in-house banks can revolutionise a company’s cash flows and significantly reduce the expensive time cash spends stuck in the banking system. But given that corporates must streamline their payment processes and increase the visibility and control over cash flows first, Treasury Today explores the role of a treasurer in implementing the structure.

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    Are your systems due a ‘spring clean’?

    Driving efficiency, of course, always tops the corporate agenda. But in reality, if something isn’t broken, it is easy to overlook. Chris Jackson, Head of Cash Management and Payments, Mid Markets, for Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking believes the New Year provides a great reason to take a closer look at those processes which may have niggling issues – and advises who can help along the way.

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    Protecting your assets

    Cash flow forecasting is crucial to managing the financial health of a company and as such, it has remained at the top of the corporate agenda for some time now. But it can be one of the most frustrating tasks, partly because of inaccurate and untimely reporting from different business units. Is a simple or sophisticated approach best? Can technology make the job easier? Treasury Today goes back to basics to answer these questions and more.

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    The strategic value of insurance: part two

    The ability to accurately calculate the relative merits of purchasing corporate risk insurance versus insuring through a wholly-owned captive insurer versus self-funding a loss opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making. In part two of this look at risk insurance we look at a new Big Data-led take on price comparison.

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    The strategic value of insurance: part one

    If treasurers can easily calculate the value of buying insurance versus the cost of holding capital, it opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making when dealing with stakeholders and insurers alike.