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    Re-engineering cash flows

    Hold-ups in company cash flows are a major concern for corporates in most industries. How can corporates streamline their flow of cash? What are the common culprits for delays? And what is the role of the treasurer in all this?

  • Matt Cooper, Affinity Sutton

    Corporate View: 
    Matt Cooper, Affinity Sutton

    He moved deftly between accountancy and banking before heading off in the direction of the oil and gas sector. But now, in a rapidly changing commercial environment, Matt Cooper, Director of Treasury and Corporate Finance, Affinity Sutton, is calling upon his well-rounded financial skills to ensure one of the UK’s oldest and largest non-profit distributing housing associations is fit for another 100 years of service to the community.

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    Treasury reporting

    If there is one unifying theme running through nearly all the changes seen in the world of corporate treasury since the crisis it is that of transparency. For evidence of this trend, one needs to look no further than the growing reporting burden. Boards and senior corporate management, concerned about their companies’ financial health, have begun to demand increasingly accurate and timely data on their companies’ financial health. But that is not the only driver. Reporting requirements have also been at the centre of a number of the regulatory changes introduced in recent years. In this article, we return to the fundamentals of treasury reporting and look at the ways in which the practise has changed.

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    Spreading out: overlay cash pooling

    The umbrella structure of an overlay cash pool can offer corporates with internationally-diverse operations another dimension to their liquidity management. But it can be time-consuming to implement, and regulatory restrictions on banks could limit their incentive to provide the service. What do treasuries need to know about the arrangement?

  • Amol Gupte, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Amol Gupte, Citi

    In this interview, Amol Gupte, Region Head for Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) business in Asia Pacific explains how treasurers in the region are responding to the challenge of an uncertain economic outlook, and how Citi is developing its offerings to help them. He also discusses recent liberalisation initiatives in China, the growing popularity of mobile treasury solutions, and trends in trade finance.

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    Thinking big

    ‘Big Data is not a problem, it is an opportunity.’ This may sound like the kind of empty mantra beloved of assertiveness counsellors or lifestyle gurus, but in this case the statement might be true.

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    The art of benchmarking

    There is an adage in business circles that what cannot be measured cannot be managed. By benchmarking, treasury professionals can measure their performance against their peers and implement improvements if necessary. But what sounds straightforward is, in practice, quite complex.

  • Global Cash Management

    With a still-challenging global economic environment, corporates are firmly focused on cash visibility and access. Are corporates finding it easier to attain the desired level of cash visibility, or is there something they need to do in order to get to the next level? How can banks help their clients navigate these challenges and, importantly, are they living up to the corporates’ expectations?

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    The secret recipe for Yum!’s treasury proficiency – part one

    At the recent EuroFinance conferences in Singapore and Miami, Katherine Wei, Director of Treasury, China, and Nishat Grover, Director of Treasury, US, both of Yum! Brands, Inc., discussed their roles in supporting the needs of a fast-growing global business through inspiring cash management strategies in the two countries. In part one of this two-part series, Grover explains how Yum! manages cash flow forecasting.

  • Tamer Karabulut, Head of Treasury Operations, Türk Telekom

    Problem Solved: 
    Tamer Karabulut, Türk Telekom

    Türk Telekom wanted to improve the visibility, control and predictability of its cash flows. Citi developed an innovative solution that leveraged the bank’s partnership with Post Bank of Turkey (PTT), which has 4000 online branches countrywide, so that Türk Telekom treasury can see the amount in its accounts online, same day, as well as how much each office has deposited.