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  • Ladder leading out from boring room to blue sky

    Best in class liquidity management: steps to success

    The scope of the treasurer’s role can vary considerably from company to company. But for all treasurers, knowing where the company’s cash is being held, and making the best use of that cash, is a fundamental concern.

  • Two business people working together to build up blocks

    Building a best in class liquidity management structure

    Liquidity management is a fundamental concern for treasurers around the world – and putting in place a suitable structure is essential in order to achieve the required level of visibility and control over cash. The effectiveness of such structures can be affected by everything from M&A activity to regulatory change. Treasurers should regularly review the structures they have in place to ensure the company’s needs are met – but what does a best in class liquidity structure look like, and how can treasurers achieve this?

  • Fred Schacknies, VP & Assistant Treasurer, Hilton

    Corporate View: 
    Fred Schacknies, Hilton

    Creating something that he can be proud of, be it a best in class treasury function or a photograph that can be hung on the wall of his home, is something that Fred Schacknies, SVP & Treasurer at Hilton continually strives for. But he is not just interested in the result – he is fascinated by the process of getting there and the combination of art and science that underpins this.

  • Magnus Attoff, Ericsson and Wolfgang Koester, FiREapps

    FX decision making reimagined: the Ericsson story

    How to improve currency risk management in an increasingly volatile environment is a big question for many organisations. Here, Magnus Attoff of Ericsson explains how the provision of better currency information can help drive smarter currency decisions and improve currency risk management.

  • Woman rock climber looking at her next challenge

    Overcoming compliance challenges

    Compliance has become a greater challenge for corporate treasurers in recent years. Treasurers are currently facing a wide range of new and evolving requirements, although the specific challenges will be different for every company. How can treasurers best overcome these issues – and what role is technology playing in supporting compliance activities?

  • Business meeting taking place in the afternoon

    Welcome to the syndicate

    A syndicated loan is often part of a wider financing strategy, allowing a company direct access to both banks and institutional investors. But why might a corporate use a syndicated loan and how are these arranged and managed? We go back to basics to find out.

  • Stepping stones out in the water

    Ten steps to TMS success

    Treasury management systems, despite the clear benefits they bring, are not found in all treasury departments. But for those looking to move away from spreadsheets, here are ten steps to success.

  • Adam Smith Awards Asia Top Treasury Team

    Setting the standard: Treasury Today Asia Adam Smith Awards

    Last week, over 220 corporate treasurers and their banking and technology partners gathered to celebrate their achievements at the third Treasury Today Asia Adam Smith Awards Gala Presentation Lunch.

  • Athlete on the 2017 starting line with 2016 behind them

    How might 2016 shape 2017?

    As we approach December, many treasurers are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2017. But, in many respects, these challenges and opportunities will be shaped by the events and trends of 2016. Here we look to the future by reviewing the big talking points of 2016.

  • Matt Cornwall, Capita

    60 Second Interview: Matt Cornwall, Deputy Treasurer, Capita

    Currently the Deputy Treasurer at Capita, a leading UK outsourcing firm, Matt Cornwall entered the treasury profession seeking a challenge and the desire to be involved in the commercial heart of the organisation. Here he outlines his role today and his thoughts on the treasury profession.