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    Looking for a faster year-end close?

    The quicker year-end closing and adjustments can be done, the quicker financial statements can be created. There are some real benefits to this if the right approach is used.

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    IFRS 16: $2.8trn of operating leases must move on balance sheet

    With the removal of the distinction between financial and operating leases as IFRS 16 comes into force, more than $2.8trn of assets globally is set to come on balance sheet for IFRS and US GAAP reporting firms. Treasurers should pay attention.

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    The financial detectives

    The role of the forensic accountant is rather like that of the detective: piecing together small threads of detail from disparate sources to build up as full a picture of an event as possible. Treasury Today talks to an experienced practitioner.

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    Get control of your T&E

    Manually processing travel and entertainment expenses can be a burdensome and costly process for both the worker and company. Installing an electronic T&E solution – and we don’t just mean a cards programme – may be one way to alleviate the burden and derive a number of benefits for both parties.

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    FATCA 2015: your obligations

    As the IRS moves ahead with plans to leave no stone unturned in its quest to bring home tax revenue from all US persons wherever their money is lodged, Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) will start to feel the heat this year as some key FATCA deadlines approach. But what does this mean for corporate account holders with overseas interests?

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    Close to the edge: improving period-end processes (part two)

    The financial close process can be marred by a lack of documentation and too many manual processes. Not only is this inefficient and costly but it can also impact on a company’s ability to make accurate strategic business decisions. Automation may be the answer.

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    Close to the edge: improving period-end processes (part one)

    Lack of documentation and too many manual processes in the financial close process are a drain on resources and potentially a source of compliance and audit risk. But ultimately the quality of the results also impacts on the ability of the company to make accurate business decisions. Is close process automation the answer?

  • Accountants go bonkers on bongos in burlesque club

    Government auditors’ have been left embarrassingly exposed by new spending disclosures which revealed their saucy expenses.

  • Ernst & Young facing law suit over Lehman “house of cards”

    The accounting giant is accused of explicitly endorsing “a business model designed to hide billions in liabilities in the years before Lehman collapsed” and helping to “hide this crucial information from the investing public,” according to New York state attorney general Andrew Cuomo. Ernst & Young say “there is no factual or legal basis” for the claim.

  • “Alice in Wonderland feel” to UK audit enquiry

    The big four audit firms have been criticised by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee this week, as the enquiry into their role in the financial crisis continued. Representatives from Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC and KPMG have all had their firm’s actions scrutinised.