• Colourful paintbrushes

    A blank canvas

    The idea of building a treasury from scratch is a thrilling prospect. However, having a blank canvas in front of you can be a bit like standing at the edge of a cliff – the first step is a big one. How can treasurers avoid the pitfalls and implement a best practice treasury?

  • Photo of a person at their computer social networking including a social network diagram

    Treasury for the social media age

    Social media has profoundly changed the way businesses interact with consumers. Today new platforms are emerging with the aim of integrating social communications into the daily workflow of the treasury and finance professional. Has the time finally come for treasury to join the social media revolution?

  • Photo of a carrier ship

    South-South trade: opportunity shifts east

    Strong growth and rapid urbanisation rates in developing regions are sparking a revolution in trade patterns. Business opportunities are shifting towards the east, in turn having a formative impact on treasury best practice in FX risk management and supply chain strategy.

  • Incentive dangling carrot as bait

    Incentive-led supply chain

    Europe’s largest companies are still wasting millions each year through inefficient use of working capital, according to recent research. But improving a company’s working capital requires organisational changes that reach far beyond the treasury department. In this article we look at how some corporates have been using pay-incentives to encourage cross-collaboration and to produce sustainable improvements to working capital performance.

  • Getting the most out of shared service centres

    At first glance, the centralisation of certain core functions – those shared by all or most within a business – seems like a very sensible idea. The promise of reduced operating costs and economies of scale, improved efficiency and control, must be music to the ears of large corporations that spread themselves across multiple regions.

  • Austrian Parliament

    Ten reasons to locate your treasury centre in Vienna

    In this article, Alfred Buder, European Treasurer of Flextronics International Ltd shares with Treasury Today his love for the city of Vienna. Not only a great place to live, the Austrian capital is also a great place to run a European treasury centre.

  • Cash management: tricks of the trade

    It is important that a company manages its cash well. In this article, we take a look at how corporates can do this – from choosing the right banking partners to implementing the best structures and practices.

  • Firefighter helicopter in action

    Business continuity

    Unplanned events can have a devastating effect on business profits, making it difficult or even impossible to carry out normal activities and operations. But with careful forward planning, corporates can minimise the impact of a disaster.

  • Five connection wires

    The compelling rise of multi-bank trade finance

    Whereas multi-bank trade finance was once the preserve of a small number of large global corporations, today the market is growing rapidly and it is becoming available for an increasing number of corporates.

  • Man doing tug of war

    The tug of trading

    Foreign exchange (FX) risk management has become an increasingly integral part of the treasurer’s role. But are there opportunities for companies to profit through FX trading? And even if there are, should treasurers really be taking advantage of them?