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    e-FX: panning for the golden solution

    The foreign exchange (FX) market has become swamped with offerings from vendors, both existing platform providers and new entrants, and corporates may find it difficult to choose the solution most appropriate for their needs. This article aims to shed some light on the latest e-FX trends in order to assist with this selection process.

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    Intelligent design: the evolution of TMS

    The technology that is available to assist treasurers and help them carry out their role to the best of their ability has changed markedly over the past decade. Today, the treasury management system (TMS) provides tools to create efficiencies across the range of treasury disciplines, including cash and risk management. But where will technology go next and how can it provide even greater support to the treasurer?

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    Treasury without borders: mobile technology

    A range of market factors have forced corporates to cut costs and look at alternative sources of funding – and income. As their wider business agenda evolves, treasurers need to adopt appropriate measures to ensure they have consistent timely access to crucial information. Mobile technology may be one such approach.

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    Is your head in the cloud?

    Dynamic competition and economic pressure has meant increased requirements for the availability, scalability, and efficiency of corporate IT solutions. Accelerating at an unprecedented rate, the cloud phenomenon, and its related benefits, pave the way for business innovation in such an environment. Cloud has prompted a different way of thinking: looking outside the company’s existing systems and infrastructures is the new ‘virtual’ mantra.

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    Through the portal: MMFs and risk management

    For treasurers making short-term investments with surplus cash, money market funds (MMFs) have long been a place to find the security and liquidity they are looking for. But since the credit crisis, treasurers have had to closely examine the risk management consequences of trading MMFs. In turn, this has led some to re-evaluate how they interact with MMFs. The growth of independent multi-fund portals has ensured that fund providers’ online solutions now face serious competition. What differentiates these offerings, and what added-value should treasurers be looking for when selecting an MMF portal solution?

  • Introduction to treasury management systems (TMSs)

    Maintaining visibility of cash and liquidity positions has never been more important – and technologies designed for this purpose can be vital to a treasurer’s role. Treasury management systems are more versatile and adaptable than ever, and this article explains what they can bring to you.

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    Foreign exchange portals

    Whether it is for trading internationally, hedging the associated risks or looking to invest abroad, corporate treasurers regularly need to exchange currencies. New technologies, and in particular the increasing sophistication of web browser-based applications, are helping make this process cheaper and easier than ever before.

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    Money market portals: tracked cash

    Money market funds have long been a favourite with treasurers. Offering liquidity and security, they seem a natural home for any spare cash. Despite the financial crisis the funds remain popular. But with so many funds available how can treasurers invest efficiently and effectively? Money market portals provide one answer.

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    Treasury technology: the competitive landscape

    Technology giants or nimble local specialists; installed software or cloud hosting – today’s TMS landscape offers treasurers more options than ever before. Following a recent wave of takeovers, the technology industry remains intensely competitive and is continuing to develop at a healthy pace.

  • Entering the future: technology trends in 2011

    From clouds and apps to mobile risk management and e-invoicing, Treasury Today looks at the latest technology in the treasury space.