• Portal to another dimension

    Not just any portal in a storm

    Instead of trading separately and directly with a number of money market funds (MMFs), treasurers looking to optimise short-term yield on their cash holdings are increasingly turning to the single platform/multi-fund MMF portals made available by banks and independent providers. What are they and what do they offer corporate users?

  • Small dog carrying large stick

    Thinking big

    ‘Big Data is not a problem, it is an opportunity.’ This may sound like the kind of empty mantra beloved of assertiveness counsellors or lifestyle gurus, but in this case the statement might be true.

  • Abstract background representing a hole that broke in a firewall

    The future is in bits (and bytes)

    More risk, more regulation, more data, more analysis; these are the watchwords for treasury technology as we move into 2014. Treasury Today rounds up a selection of industry players and asks them what they see on the horizon.

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    eBAM: another year on

    The long awaited arrival of electronic bank account management (eBAM) has yet to fully materialise. One year on after SWIFT announced the cancellation of its eBAM Central Utility (ECU), this article looks at what progress has been made and whether next year will finally produce a fully functional multi-bank solution.

  • FX portals – a news update

    What has been happening in the world of multi-bank FX portals since we last looked at the subject in September’s edition of Treasury Today? It is generally accepted that only two, or possibly three, portals will survive. With this in mind, the major players are striving to get ahead of their rivals and provide a sufficiently good all round package to tempt both Sell-side and Buy-side users.

  • Poker cards, 2 aces

    Deal or no deal: anatomy of an FX portal

    Effective foreign exchange (FX) trades are a key part of many a treasurer’s role. Getting the best out of a deal requires an understanding of the channels used and how they work. Treasury Today dives under the bonnet to explore the pros and cons of FX portals.

  • Three satellite dishes in the sunset

    Heads in the cloud

    Cloud computing offers treasurers the chance to revolutionise their workflow. The more technical aspects of the job can be outsourced and a treasurer can be sure they are always running the latest software version. But as with any new technology, there are plenty of questions that should be asked when selecting a vendor.

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    The right tool for the job

    Spreadsheets persist in business like no other technology. Why? Because there’s no alternative. But before you format another cell, read this.

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    Forecasting: looking back to the future

    Cash flow forecasting need not be a dark art if the right technology is at hand. But what is the right technology? And are Excel spreadsheets an absolute no-no?

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    Discovering the true value of STR

    In the July/August 2012 edition of Treasury Today, we looked at the fundamental building blocks of straight through reconciliation (STR), as well as the difference between true STR and auto reconciliation. Here we examine the need for STR in attaining an end-to-end transaction flow, and the role of accurate and complete data in shaping the future of treasury.