• Security padlock on computer circuit board

    Making cyber-security a business enabler

    With high-profile cyber-attacks continuing to make headlines, treasurers cannot afford to ignore the importance of cyber-security. But should this area be viewed as a straightforward necessity, or can it be approached as a business enabler?

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    Putting risk into perspective

    Where there is business, there will be risk. That is the nature of the beast. But just like businesses, risks are not static, with some rising to the fore whilst others lay dormant in the background. And then an incident erupts somewhere in the world, and those that were dormant are now very active.

  • Close up of a nugget of gold

    Over-supply and demand: living through an asset rout

    Commodities pricing is at the mercy of a number of factors as diverse as market mood, political intervention and the weather. For corporates, managing the risk of price swings is crucial to protect the bottom line. Where does risk materialise, why, and how can it be mitigated?

  • Man standing in a dark cave

    Managing the unknown

    In 2015, currency volatility couldn’t be kept out of the headlines. Today, a big question for many corporates is when, and where, the next shock will come from and, perhaps more importantly, am I prepared? In this article, experts from the world of banking, consultancy and corporate treasury share their views on how to best manage currency risk in a volatile world.

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    Going steady

    Market and currency volatility inevitably leads to interest rate risk. Where this threatens to impact profitability it has to be effectively managed. What does it entail for treasurers operating in Asia?

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    Are you prepared for the worst?

    Whilst a crisis may not happen to every company, if minimal preparation is the route a corporate opts for, then, in terms of being able to best manage a recovery, they are inevitably placing themselves in a vulnerable position. Treasury is no place for finger-crossing or complacency when it comes to risk management and putting in the groundwork is key for business continuity.

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    When prices rise

    After a period of little or no inflation in many of the world’s leading economies, it appears we could now be approaching the point where prices finally begin to tick higher. What type of inflation environment can we expect going forward, and how should corporates analyse and quantify their explicit and implicit inflation risk? In this article, experts from banks and leading risk consultancies discuss these and other important questions.

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    Geopolitical nightmares

    Mounting political risks have given rise to substantial market volatility in the past year. Meanwhile, multinationals that once might have expanded into a new market without too much ado are now recognising political risk as an issue that deserves their utmost attention. In this article, we ask: what can companies do to improve their management of political risk, and how can the treasury department help?

  • Parting in the sea

    Political risk: the impact on corporates

    Across the world, political risks are front-page news every day. But many corporates are in the dark about how these can affect their business. We look at the political dangers companies need to be aware of before starting operations abroad.

  • Bunch of multicoloured balloons

    When the balloon goes up

    If trouble hits, whether it takes the form of a natural disaster, a comprehensive technology failure, a terrorist attack, pandemic illness or a multitude of other horrors, would you know what to do? Treasury Today looks at how to approach business continuity and disaster planning and how key partners can help treasury when the worst happens.