• SWIFT tortoise

    SWIFT? Not always, but gaining corporate ground

    Most corporate treasurers are familiar with the SWIFT network, as well as with the pros and cons of connecting up and joining via MA-CUGS, SCORE or the newer Alliance Lite. But many companies are simply not convinced that SWIFT via these avenues offers enough benefits to embark on the time-consuming process and costs. Could the role of service bureaus be reducing the costs and hassles for companies to join up? Treasury Today takes a look at the logic behind SWIFT connectivity and the avenues available to you that make sense at the right price and effort.

  • Your bank: how the picture is changing for global transaction banks

    For two decades, banks have been competing for corporate business by increasing their plain vanilla services at zero cost to customers and ramping up their fee-based business. That legacy has been challenged by the crisis. But the results have not been the same in every region, nor at every level. A new model of transaction banking is developing which goes beyond marketing and into the heart of bank capital allocation.

  • The banking world in 2010

    Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the banking crisis, which has laid low the best known names in international banking, is that it hasn’t really knocked anyone out flat. In fact, it has even opened up the market by increasing certain types of competition.