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    APAC treasury in 2015: all change?

    Over the next 12 months, what will be the defining themes and projects for treasurers operating in the APAC region? Will we see treasury departments across the region increase in sophistication and utilise new technology and structures to reap benefits, for example? Or will regulation and the tough economic environment continue to stunt innovation? We talk to a handful of industry experts to get their take on these issues and reveal what your peers truly consider to be top priorities for the year ahead.

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    Treasury in 2015: regulation, trepidation and the quest for automation

    What does the New Year hold in store for treasurers? A challenging macroeconomic environment and, of course, yet more regulation are most likely going to be the big themes once again. But are there going to be a few surprises too?

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    RMB internationalisation: a new world order

    While China’s economy has grown to become a powerhouse, its currency has struggled to achieve global adoption. But now as the internationalisation of the renminbi slowly gains momentum, treasurers around the world are starting to ask themselves what this means for their businesses. We look at the redback’s progress so far, the challenges that remain, and the implications for corporates.

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    Catching up with credit ratings

    Let’s be honest. Few treasurers have the time to become experts in the minutiae of the rating agencies’ methodologies. But treasurers do require at least general understanding of the basic principles involved. Now with the ‘Big Three’ ratings agencies promising more transparency around how they reach their decisions, those fundamental principles are evolving. In this feature, we bring treasurers up-to-speed with the latest developments.

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    Investing excess cash in Asia

    Bank deposits remain the most popular solution for corporates in most countries in Asia with excess cash. However, now the increasing popularity of MMFs in the region is making companies think twice about their short-term investment strategy. What is the impact of regulation on the instruments available and what does the future hold?

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    Tax and treasury: working together

    While the implications of tax on the work of corporate treasurers can be enormous, within the traditional corporate set-up, tax planning was the exclusive domain of the tax department – not the treasury. But recent years have seen the strategic importance of the treasury function grow and, for some treasurers, that has meant taking a bigger role in tax management. With that in mind, we take a closer look at the key ways in which tax is shaping modern treasury practices.

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    Regulating derivatives in Asia

    Dodd-Frank and EMIR have irrevocably changed derivatives markets in the US and Europe. What progress has Asia made towards the G20 commitments to shed more light on the market for hedging products? This feature evaluates the current state of play in the regulation of OTC derivatives in the Asia Pacific region and considers what implications these changes have for corporate treasurers who rely on the products to manage financial risks.

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    Faster payments: potential versus reality

    With the UK having set the precedent, a number of initiatives are under way across the globe to implement faster, or immediate, payments systems. In this article we focus on developments in the Asia Pacific region and how these may influence faster payments in other geographies. We also question whether the true benefits of these schemes will ever be realised, given the limitations of local payments infrastructures.

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    Managing liquidity in a low-yield world

    How are treasurers adapting in the era of low interest rates? In this article we speak to banks and asset managers to find out how the low-rate environment is changing treasury practices. We also source their tips for securing better returns on short-term investments.

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    The app advantage

    Apps have become near ubiquitous in the consumer space. Almost whatever internet service one requires, from the functional – such as making a payment or finding an address — to the trivial – such as killing time with a quick game of Angry Birds – there is an app for it. Yet corporates are still lagging behind in the adoption stakes. Will the new range of next generation apps coming on to the market change their minds?