• Electronic invoicing

    Electronic invoicing is not new and not prolific – yet. However, a major European initiative is aiming to push this nascent market into mass adoption by businesses and consumers as another step towards the ultimate goal of a single market within the European Union. In this article, we take a look at electronic invoicing and the progress made so far with the European plan.

  • The Payment Services Directive

    The Payment Services Directive (PSD) promises much but issues surrounding its implementation continue to trouble the payments industry. In this article, we take a look at the PSD, its relevance to corporates and the concerns overshadowing its delivery by the 1st November deadline.

  • Prepaid cards

    Prepaid cards can offer significant potential to corporates looking for an innovative way to reduce the costs of expensive paper-based payment models. In this article we describe how prepaid cards work and discuss their potential applications in corporate and other sectors. We also identify the challenges associated with this emerging payment technique.

  • Notional pooling explored

    Cash pooling is an established technique for treasurers looking to make the best use of surplus cash. Notional pooling can be an attractive option for companies with a decentralised structure because the control of funds remains with local subsidiaries. However, this type of pooling has been affected by recent regulatory and accounting developments. We explore the theory and practice of notional pooling.

  • SEPA: one year on

    The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) promises a fully integrated euro payments environment in which competitive and innovative payment solutions will deliver better value, improved efficiency and greater choice for businesses and consumers. In this article, we follow on from our Best Practice Handbook, ‘A Guide to SEPA Payment Instruments’, by looking at the progress made since SEPA was launched a year ago.

  • Getting your money out of China – the tricks of the trade

    The question of how to get money out of China is always one of the top priorities for MNCs operating in China. Carl Poon, Tax Director of LehmanBrown, discusses the latest updates and key issues that MNCs should evaluate in respect of their PRC operations.

  • Short-term investment

    Treasury plays a central role in the stability and success of a business. Its ability to manage liquidity requirements reflects on the credit standing of the company and can ultimately mean the difference between company growth and collapse. Effectively managing surplus cash is an important part of this process. In this article we consider some of the issues surrounding the short-term investment of surplus cash in the money markets.

  • Optimising procurement

    Gone are the days when sourcing and procurement operated in silos. There has been a substantial movement for procurement to work very closely on a collaborative basis with treasury and finance to understand any weaknesses in the purchase-to-pay cycle and how procurement impacts on the treasury function. We look at some of the recent developments that can be harnessed to improve efficiency and visibility over procurement processes.

  • SWIFT for Corporates

    The mere mention of SWIFT can send corporate treasurers scurrying for cover – and understandably so. The current economic environment and industry initiatives such as SEPA are providing enough challenges without another assignment being added to the project pile. But implementing the SWIFT for Corporates solution is not as difficult as many may think and the opportunities derived from it could outweigh the investment and effort put in.

  • Short-term investments

    Regulatory developments have enabled treasurers in China to pool cash using entrust loans. Once cash has been concentrated, the next question is how to make the best use of it, while striking a balance between maximising yield, minimising risk and providing sufficient liquidity to meet short-term obligations. In this article, we look at the short-term investment options available to treasurers in China, as the markets continue to evolve.