• Race horses running on the home straight

    The winner takes it all? Not quite in the battle of fintechs vs banks

    The notion that corporates may one day do all their banking with tech groups seems entirely possible. It’s forcing an urgent revaluation between banks and their corporate clients of where the true value in their relationship rests. From the outside, corporate banking looks as vulnerable of falling victim to the internet as its retail cousin; look a bit closer and banks still have important advantages.

  • Person using future technology, mouse projecting information

    Open banking will change everything…eventually

    New regulation in Europe and the UK has the potential to transform the face of financial services. Treasury Today finds out what the future might look like under PSD2 and open banking and what it all means for treasurers.

  • Business man overlayed with a digital image

    How banks are adapting in an era of disruption

    Might there be a future without banks? Perhaps. But what we do know is that the banks of the future will look and act very differently from how they do today. This article looks at the forces that are transforming banking, what banks are doing in response and what this all means for the corporate treasurer.

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    First class relationships

    It is often said that the quality of your business depends on the quality of the relationships you enjoy with your counterparties. And in recent years, corporate treasury departments around the world have been placing an increasing amount of scrutiny on these relationships as the banking landscape evolves. What then are treasurers looking for in their banking partners today and how can maximum value be extracted from these going forward?

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    All change in APAC transaction banking

    With a game of ‘musical chairs’ taking place at the executive level of many of the big banks in Asia and a handful of international players forced to cut back their offerings in the region, it is certainly a dynamic time for the sector. But how is this impacting the services banks are offering their clients and should corporate treasurers in the region be concerned?