Women in Treasury: Yeng Butler, State Street Global Advisors

Yeng Butler, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Cash Business at State Street Global Advisors, believes in the power of self-reflection. She spends time considering not just her successes, but also her failures. The objective of this is to drive continuous self-development to ensure she can meet her next career aim. Yeng summarises this with a simple, yet powerful motto: “Pause, reflect and onwards and upwards.”

Yeng Butler, State Street Global Advisors

Yeng Butler

Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Cash Business

As a highly respected female leader in finance, Yeng believes that she has a responsibility to help shape a better workplace. Most importantly, she wants to create a frictionless pathway for women to meet their career ambitions.

Yeng believes there’s already been progress in this regard. “I remember early in my career when a female colleague received a promotion and a gentleman next to me quipped that she only received the promotion because she was a woman,” says Yeng. “Comments like these were commonplace back then. Today, this doesn’t happen as much, if at all, and there are plenty of strong female leaders blazing a trail, which is a sign of how far we have come.”

That being said, some legacy issues remain. For example, Yeng says that women sometimes find it difficult to strike the optimal work-life balance. This is something Yeng admits falling foul of once or twice in her career. “I remember when I was on maternity leave and decided that I would check in with work for a few hours every week,” she says. “I didn’t need to do this; I had a newborn to focus on and it was very hard to zoom in and out of work at the same time. It was unfair on my child and on me.”

Most importantly, Yeng felt like this didn’t set a good example for other women in her team, something she is keen to do. “I remember feeling uneasy about it at the time because I didn’t want to be perceived as a ‘supermum’ that could do everything at once because that is unrealistic,” she says. “I was just trying to keep in touch with what was happening in the office.”

Indeed, setting an example and elevating the level of conversation around diversity in the workplace is a major objective for Yeng in the years ahead. “Through our work internally at State Street Global Advisors, and with Treasury Today’s Women in Treasury initiative, we are trying to do something impactful and play our part in creating a better world,” she concludes. “I am deeply passionate about this, and determined to make a difference.”

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