Alibaba Adam Smith Asia Webinar

A DIY approach to treasury technology

Alibaba Group

Adam Smith Awards Asia 2016 Overall Winner – Harnessing the Power of Technology

This e-commerce giant decided to develop a treasury management platform in-house. They have delivered a web-based system which provides cash visibility, transaction based liquidity, investment and financing management systems with standard operational processes and a management dashboard. The platform presents its uniqueness and strengths featuring the capabilities of multi-banking, automation, real-time based data analytics, secure and reliable technical infrastructure, and user friendly interface. The benefits of this have been notable, including improving cash visibility to more than 95%.

This webinar was held on Wednesday 26th April 2017.

Read the case study: Harnessing the Power of Technology

Watch the webinar presentation

Questions asked throughout the webinar

  • How long did this TMI platform take to build, from start to finish? (09:45)

  • Is the Online Investment Request for Quotation real-time? (24:03)

  • What method is used to receive real-time account balance data? Was it SWIFT? (33:25)

  • When you say real-time, how real-time are the balances? (33:57)

  • Do you have plans to offer this solution as a service from Alibaba to other corporations? (40:44)

  • How many bank connections (H2H) do you have? (42:07)

  • If you were starting this project again, would you do anything differently? If so, what would that be and why? (43:57)

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