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treasurytoday September 2012 cover

September 2012

Publication date: Sep 2012

Is a single bank supervisor really what Europe needs?

Plans currently being drawn up by the European Commission (EC) could see the European Central Bank (ECB) designated as the financial watchdog for 6,000 Eurozone banks. According to EU Commissioner Michel Barnier, who is spearheading the proposals for a single supervisory body, banks that have already received support from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) may come under the auspices of a common regulator from as early as 1st January 2013. The deadline for all Eurozone banks to be under the supervisor’s umbrella is equally ambitious, a mere 12 months later.

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treasurytoday July/August 2012 magazine cover

July/August 2012

Publication date: Aug 2012

Crime and Punishment

The title of Dostoevsky’s literary masterpiece is a good reflection of what the global press has been reporting on in the banking sphere of late. And the stories in the newspapers do echo some threads of the classic novel’s plot. ‘Some’ being the operative word.

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treasurytoday June 2012 cover

June 2012

Publication date: Jun 2012

Benchmarking the Benchmarking Studies

We have been undertaking treasury Benchmarking Studies for several years now. Initially we sought to understand what treasuries were doing and what was best practice in the industry. This year we are going further and asking exactly which ‘marks on the bench’ are being used and what your concrete measures are.

This goes beyond anything that has been done before and is beginning to provide some very interesting data. But we need your support if we are going to make this an even more relevant project.

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treasurytoday May 2012 cover

May 2012

Publication date: May 2012

Why risk should not be a ‘four-letter word’

Risk is without doubt a strange beast. It is an evolving entity that will – if you let it – quickly take control of the way a treasury department operates. Yes, risk must be managed. And the treasurer, as gatekeeper, must make sure that the company’s money is not exposed to significant downside potential.

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treasurytoday April 2012 cover

April 2012

Publication date: Apr 2012

Final call to action

We have a simple ambition here at Treasury Today with respect to our Awards programme – to continue to recognise and showcase the best in corporate treasury practices as demonstrated by you, our readers.

Does your treasury department evidence best practice and/or innovation? Are you waiting for your efforts to be recognised by the wider business? If so, why not submit a nomination for this year’s Adam Smith Awards?

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treasurytoday March 2012 cover

March 2012

Publication date: Mar 2012

Will reality prevail?

We have written about the euro crisis in practical terms over the last few months and provided our readers with a checklist of action points that prudent treasurers will have reviewed. No one can ignore the endless stories regarding the euro crisis – some real and some not so real.

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treasurytoday February 2012 cover

February 2012

Publication date: Feb 2012

The cash pile dilemma

Sitting on a war chest worth $97.6 billion might seem like a nice problem to have. But Apple’s investors are getting hot under the collar and want to see their money put to work. Given that the company’s cash earned a return of 0.77% during the 2011 fiscal year, it’s easy to understand why.

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treasurytoday January 2012 cover

January 2012

Publication date: Jan 2012

Corporate DIY: do or die?

At this time of year, it’s always tempting to reflect on major events that have shaped the preceding 12 months. But when there have been so many high profile headlines, it is the ‘under the radar’ news that tells of trends closer to home.

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treasurytoday November/December 2011 cover

November/December 2011

Publication date: Nov 2011

A little less conversation…

A little more action please. This is what is being asked of the Eurozone leaders as the frequent summits continue to provide little comfort or confidence to markets across the globe. While these meetings naturally have an agenda, questions are being asked as to whether European bureaucracy is the true hindrance to resolving the sovereign debt crisis.

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treasurytoday October 2011 cover

October 2011

Publication date: Oct 2011

What more can we do?

A year ago we launched our new website which has proved very popular. Now it is time to ask you what else you want.

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