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Treasury Today September 2015 magazine cover

September 2015

Publication date: Sep 2015

Is your treasury fit for purpose?

This issue of Treasury Today coincides with our attendance at EuroFinance’s International Cash and Treasury Management Conference 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Indeed, we expect many of you may be attending the conference too. The theme this year is ‘keeping treasury fit for purpose, fit for growth and fit for the future’ – something that many treasurers will be thinking about as they take the time to step away from their desks and look towards 2016.

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Treasury Today July/August 2015 magazine cover

July/August 2015

Publication date: Jul 2015

Women in Treasury: not just for girls

It’s a standing joke that the industry needs a ‘Women in Treasury’ initiative because every day at the office is just like a ‘Men in Treasury’ forum. And whilst one of the drivers behind Treasury Today’s pioneering Women in Treasury campaign – which began in 2013 – was, and still is, to give women in the (male-dominated) profession greater recognition and a platform for inspiration, as counterintuitive as it might seem, it’s not all aimed at the fairer sex.

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Treasury Today June 2015 magazine front cover

June 2015

Publication date: Jun 2015

Fraud: the pitfalls of growth

It’s no secret that companies are firmly focusing on growth again. Yet, at a time when market volatility is high, geopolitical stability is being rocked, and international regulatory regimes are growing ever tighter, growth can be tricky to find.

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May 2015 Treasury Today magazine cover

May 2015

Publication date: May 2015

We will all pay for over-regulation

You only have to talk to a banker these days and the increasing cost of regulation is the first or second topic of conversation. In fact, it is sometimes the first and the second topic of conversation.

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Treasury Today April 2015 magazine cover

April 2015

Publication date: Apr 2015

Stand out from the crowd

Being good at your job isn’t the only prerequisite for getting ahead in your career. Today, it’s not just what you know that matters; it’s also who you know. Having a good profile at work is essential for your career. It means being trusted with the best projects and being first in line for promotion.

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Treasury Today March 2015 magazine cover

March 2015

Publication date: Mar 2015

On a SEPArate note

In recent weeks, regulatory talk has understandably turned to the European Parliament’s proposed money market reforms. And with ongoing concerns around the knock-on effect of Basel III, bank ring-fencing measures in the UK, and the US’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), for example, it is little surprise that the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has fallen under the radar of late. Yet the next SEPA deadline is now less than 12 months away and some corporates have much to achieve in that time.

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Treasury Today February 2015 magazine cover

February 2015

Publication date: Feb 2015

Euro MMFs under further pressure

With the prospect of transformative regulation still hanging over the sector, Europe’s money market funds (MMFs) continue to operate against a backdrop of uncertainty. Recent moves by the European Central Bank (ECB) and Swiss National Bank (SNB) are only making matters more complex – for those in the industry, and for corporate treasurers who invest in the funds.

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Treasury Today January 2015 magazine cover

January 2015

Publication date: Jan 2015

Treasurers behaving badly

At the start of a New Year, it’s traditional to review our priorities and path for the future. We often think about what we’d like to achieve and what we can do better over the next 12 months – both in a personal and professional capacity. But to make this review a truly useful process, it’s important to take a ‘warts and all’ approach. Frequently, the biggest mistake people, and companies, make when looking to improve their situation is sugar-coating their current predicament or refusing to fully acknowledge their weaknesses.

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Treasury Today November/December 2014 magazine cover

November/December 2014

Publication date: Nov 2014

Reflections and projections

It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is almost upon us. For those in the corporate treasury profession, 2014 has been another rollercoaster ride. There have been highs; there have been lows; and there has been an overwhelming amount of regulation. Indeed, the beginning of the year was dominated by regulatory change, not least EMIR and SEPA.

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Treasury Today October 2014 magazine cover

October 2014

Publication date: Oct 2014

Cybercrime means business

Despite growing investment in measures to counter cyber-attack, an increasing number of banks and corporations are being caught short by fraudsters online. Given the pervasive reach of the internet, no country is immune from the threat of cybercrime. Nigeria, our Country Focus in this edition of Treasury Today, is no exception. A cyber heist on the nation’s banks in September saw criminals get away with more than $35m. Since 2013, Nigeria is now thought to have lost almost $120m to internet-based fraud.

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