Treasury Today September/October 2017

Published: Sep 2017



Talk of the town

The annual EuroFinance jamboree heads to Barcelona this year and one topic that is, without doubt, going to dominate discussions is technology. However, we stand at an interesting point in time where treasury professionals have heard enough about the promise of technology and are beginning to demand solutions that can help them today.

Treasury Today Group’s recent Voice of Corporate Treasury (VoCT) Study, supported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, highlights this fact. When quizzed on their technology needs, treasurers called for solutions that solved long-standing pain points such as cash visibility and cash flow forecasting.

There is less demand for innovative technologies like blockchain, but there remains plenty of interest. Indeed, our VoCT Study found that many treasurers are keen to explore blockchain in more depth and are hungry for information. The consensus seems to be that the technology has the potential to underpin a whole host of solutions that will solve many treasury pain points. It is just a waiting game for the banks and fintechs to roll out commercialised solutions.

Given the enduring treasury interest, blockchain will continue to receive plenty of airtime at EuroFinance and other conferences this autumn. In preparation for this, we have analysed the technology in this edition, tracing its growth, understanding how it is being used today and looking at where it is heading. One thing is for sure, it is not going away.

Technology is, in fact, a core theme running through this issue and our main feature looks at another ‘hot topic’, eCommerce. Unlike blockchain, eCommerce is having a revolutionary impact on business right now. Indeed, it seems that no company, or department within that company, is immune to the transformative effect it is having. We tell you all you need to know about the impact eCommerce is having and look at how digitally native companies and traditional industries are responding.

One final thought. How can treasury use technology to its fullest when it does not think digitally? Find out in our Q&A feature.

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