Treasury Today September/October 2016

Published: Sep 2016



Think about the future… and then plan for it

Treasurers have always played a valuable role in the corporate machine but, as most participants and observers now know, the role has taken on greater operational significance. What’s more, it now bears the kind of strategic importance that once was reserved for the C-suite. In essence, treasurers have far greater responsibility than ever before.

Thinking about and planning for the future comes with the territory of heightened professional responsibility. It is with this understanding that Treasury Today brings this special publication to you. Treasury Foresights is about delivering to readers clear and concise information on core themes for the next year covering technology, operational models, payments, risk management, banking relationships, funding and investments, career development, and sustainability.

We have talked to a stellar line-up of experts, industry main-stays and renowned thinkers. Based on their experience and knowledge we tease out the issues of the moment. You may not agree with everything we have written but you will be better informed – and this is the point.

There can be no guarantees about the precise nature of what lies ahead and all treasurers know that the unexpected can and will happen. But ignoring or failing to recognise this is not an option for a modern forward-looking business. With the treasury and finance function having secured its position at the helm, whilst we would hesitate to say it is your duty to read this special publication from cover to cover, we would certainly urge you to use it to think about the future.

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