Treasury Today July/August 2017

Published: Jul 2017



It’s ten years since the crisis. A lot has changed

It’s been a decade since the financial crisis transformed the lives of all of us that work in financial markets. Looking back now, few could have imagined the sizeable impact the crisis had and still has on the world today.

Treasury, in particular, has changed markedly since those infamous years. It is a much-clichéd phrase but the profession has, without a doubt, become more strategic. This has seen treasury teams around the world step out of the back office and become much more proactive within the organisation facilitating it to do more business.

Last month, the Treasury Today Adam Smith Awards celebrated their ten-year anniversary. In a lavish Gala Presentation Lunch held at Plaisterers’ Hall in the City of London, treasury professionals from around the world joined together to celebrate each other’s successes.

The event reflects a tremendous transformation seen over the years. Treasurers everywhere are now developing a completely different set of skills to those required a decade ago. In this edition’s Corporate View feature, Miguel Trinidad, Corporate Treasurer at Mexichem, talks about how he has evolved his skillset, allowing him to be the value-adding treasurer that he is today.

For Mexichem and a host of other businesses there is a meaningful move towards becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Green bonds are one way to finance such a shift and in this edition’s financing article we chart the growth of the market and find out why it should be a product that all treasury teams should pay close attention too.

Elsewhere, we take a comprehensive look at the new regulation that will govern European money market funds and find out what this will mean for corporate short-term investment policies. We also explore the latest developments in the KYC domain and see if this burdensome task is becoming any easier.

Congratulations to all our winning corporates

Finally, all of us here at the Treasury Today Group would again like to extend our sincere congratulations to all the winners in our 2017 Adam Smith Awards. More information about the winning solutions are available in our Adam Smith Awards Yearbook and on our website.

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