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US man accidentally runs a marathon

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He only wanted to run a half-marathon.

Training for and running a half marathon is hard work; training for a half-marathon and unwittingly running a full marathon is on the verge of impossible. Yet, one man, Mike Kohler, a 26-year-old plumber from Fargo in the US, did exactly that recently.

Kohler signed up to run the half-marathon at the Sanford Fargo Marathon, however, a missed start time for the half marathon saw him end up running the full 26.2-mile course.

He explains that he only noticed that he had made the mistake eight miles in and said: “I’m just going to go for it, because why not? I’m already here, I’m already running, I’m already tired. Might as well try to finish it.”

Despite completing the course in just under six hours, Kohler, somewhat unfairly, was only given a half-marathon medal to show for it — because that’s what he registered for.

He is now planning to run a half-marathon and marathon properly next year.

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