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School clamps down on haircuts

Little boy getting hair cut

Students face time in isolation for not complying.

The UK education system’s war on fashion continues. This battle is between the hair styles of students at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy and the school’s bureaucrats who have imposed tight restrictions on the styles male students can and cannot wear.

In a tactical move, the school has issued a letter to parents listing the style of haircuts that have been banned. One of these is the “Meet me at McDonald’s” style – although the letter fails to explain what this looks like, probably leaving many parents in the dark about whether their kids are planning to meet at McDonald’s or KFC – although probably not the latter given recent events.

Thankfully, local barber, Matthew Barber, has come to the rescue, describing the hairstyle as a curly perm teased into a high bouffant on top with shaved back and sides, or “fades” – what happened to a short back and sides!

Other banned styles include:

  • Overgrown, heavy fringes brushed forward onto the face.

  • High-top styles of excessive height.

  • Shaven parting lines.

  • Hair that is teased to give excessive height.

  • Any variation on the Mohican style.


Students that fail to comply with the school’s rules face punishment. This comes in the form of being sent home, or, quite ominously, being put into isolation!

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