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    Five investment options for your short-term cash

    With the short-term investment landscape in a period of flux, many treasurers are reviewing how they invest their company’s cash. Treasury Today investigates some of the trending options available to corporates.

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    Understanding the short-term investment landscape

    Regulatory changes such as Basel III have affected the way that banks view operational and non-operational deposits, while low interest rates and the rise of money market funds are also impacting treasurers’ short-term investment decisions. What are treasurers looking for in the current market – and how important is it to review existing policies?

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    MMF reform: a to-do list

    With Europe’s money market fund reform now under way, fund managers have plenty to do this year as they adjust their offerings in line with the new rules. Meanwhile, treasurers should take the opportunity to review the new fund structures, update their investment policies and check that their cash and treasury management systems are able to cater for the changes.

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    Money market funds: what’s next?

    As money market funds become more popular across the region, how is the market developing – and what do treasurers need to know when using this type of product for the first time?

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    MMF reform: the impact for treasurers

    With the European money market reform on the horizon, Treasury Today talked to corporate treasurers about how the new rules will affect their short-term investments.

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    Getting to grips with exchange traded funds

    In light of the challenges they face in today’s liquidity environment, some treasurers are looking at the benefits of using exchange traded funds (ETFs) as a means of managing their strategic cash, as well as for liquidity and hedging purposes. What are the advantages of ETFs, and what considerations should treasurers bear in mind when using them?

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    Reviewing short-term investments

    Currently in the process of being implemented, Basel III has considerable implications for banks – and, by extension, for their corporate customers. In light of the changes, treasurers need to have a clear understanding of how the new regulation may affect their bank deposits, and whether alternative investment vehicles might be worthy of investigation. As such, treasurers should assess whether any changes are needed to their short-term investment instruments and policies.

  • Choosing money market funds in Asia Pacific

    The money market fund industry in Asia is relatively young, but the market is developing rapidly. What advantages do money market funds offer over bank accounts, and what should treasurers take into account when choosing a fund?

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    European MMF regulation: five key talking points

    Companies that depend upon money market funds (MMFs) for cash management may need to overhaul their approach once new regulation has been agreed by the European Union. Although the final rules are still to be decided, industry experts have highlighted a number of consequential trends that could become key talking points should we get the regulation many people are anticipating.

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    VNAV: time to get acquainted

    The regulation of money market funds (MMFs) is already changing in the US, and Europe is not too far behind. But some corporate investors are not waiting until the new rules arrive before testing out new short-term investment products.