• Sprouting plants growing on top of stacks of coins

    This is too much

    Treasurers know they are going to pay fees for bank services, but knowing how those fees are calculated and to what degree they are negotiable can ease the pain (slightly).

  • Row of European flags

    Policy disconnect: a threat to Capital Markets Union?

    Last week, the European Commission set out proposals to establish a so-called Capital Markets Union across the European Union’s member states. It’s a laudable objective, unquestionably. But will the benefits be counteracted by earlier initiatives such as the proposed levy on financial transactions?

  • Close up of passport

    Get control of your T&E

    Manually processing travel and entertainment expenses can be a burdensome and costly process for both the worker and company. Installing an electronic T&E solution – and we don’t just mean a cards programme – may be one way to alleviate the burden and derive a number of benefits for both parties.

  • Avalanche on snowy mountain

    What am I bid for this invoice?

    With underworked stockpiles of cash and struggling suppliers, large corporate buyers can achieve interesting results with supplier finance. But the one-size-fits-all static pricing model leaves many suppliers out in the cold – here’s a marketplace system that can work for many more.

  • A clenched fist

    Combating the number one workforce risk: stress

    Stress is a harmful force in the corporate workplace and studies have shown that stress levels amongst workers are increasing. What are the triggers of workplace stress and how can you look to tackle it?

  • A view over Cape Town

    Top tips for treasurers heading to Africa

    Africa is becoming a top destination for international businesses. But as more and more multinationals arrive on the continent looking to seize the considerable growth opportunities on offer, what do corporate treasurers need to know about local banking and cash management?

  • Empty office space

    Your workspace costs a small fortune – use it wisely!

    If you ever worked out how much your workspace costs as part of a commercial real-estate deal you would probably make a lot more use of it.

  • Piggy bank sitting on a laptop with money

    E-invoicing: what do procurement want?

    Adopting e-invoicing could bring great benefits not only to treasuries in terms of improved working capital metrics but in greater efficiencies right across the corporate organisation too. Onboarding suppliers is no walk in the park, however. To make it work, all internal stakeholders – and the procurement team especially – need to be to be onside. In a recent webinar hosted by Shared Services Link, Mark Boswell, a procurement professional from Mondelēz International, shared the secret to bringing procurement onside in your e-invoicing journey.

  • Crop fields full of wind turbines

    Avoiding guilt by association: supply chain sustainability

    Over the years, a number of corporates have had their fingers burnt by companies in their supply chain with less than ethical practices. The resulting reputational risk has seen corporates begin to fully embrace the idea of responsible supply chains. But how can supply chain sustainability be accurately measured – and is it worth the effort?

  • Fish hook taking keys from circuit board

    We know who you are

    Data breaches are becoming increasingly common as cyber-criminals become more sophisticated. The latest major attack on a corporate has compromised millions of its customers’ personal data. Can businesses really protect themselves?