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    China to allow cross-border renminbi pooling nationwide

    The People’s Bank of China has announced that cross-border renminbi pooling will be allowed for multinational corporates operating in China.

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    BAD news for corporate cash flow

    Many corporates in China are finding their cash flow disrupted due to the increasing use of bank acceptance drafts (BADs). Their use has increased as the economy has slowed and credit conditions have tightened, and they now act as a secondary currency, allowing companies to meet their payment obligations.

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    Negative rates: implications for banks and corporates

    Last week the ECB took the radical measure of cutting interest rates into negative territory. But what will be the implications of the move for Europe’s corporates?

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    Optimising working capital: top ten tips

    Ensuring working capital is being used in an efficient way can transform a business. But it is important to make a distinction between working capital optimisation and merely releasing working capital. We look at some of the best ways for the treasury function to devise an effective working capital optimisation strategy.

  • Euro coin balancing on Euro notes

    MMF maturities a sign of confidence?

    New research into the maturity profiles of money market funds (MMF) could indicate that fund managers are gaining confidence in market conditions. But will this trend continue as regulatory decisions loom?

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    Suppliers have nothing to fear from SCF

    Some SMEs fear they will be taken for a ride when asked to join a supply chain finance scheme. But are their anxieties justified? What can buyers and their banking partners do to counter them?

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    Deploying a TMS: call of duty

    Dufry is a travel retailer operating around 1400 duty free and duty paid shops located within airports, cruise lines, seaports, railway stations and downtown tourist areas in 47 countries across Europe, Africa, Eurasia, Central America & Caribbean, North America and South America. It has a current market share of around 9% and a current growth strategy focused on the emerging markets. Group Treasurer, Yves Gerster, explains how technology has played a transformative role in the company’s approach to risk and cash management.

  • Modern touchscreen mobile phone and wallet

    Paym: a breakthrough for mobile payments?

    Industry experts believe that the recently launched Paym service might represent the breakthrough that helps mobile payments achieve widespread acceptance. But what, exactly, is different about Paym? Is it a true revolution or just another payment method to add to the multitude already on the market?

  • Falling dominoes

    Asian treasuries struggling with risk hurdles

    Operating across Asia, with its diverse banking environment and no single currency or regulator, presents unique issues to the treasurer. And it seems that many corporate treasuries in the region are struggling to manage their risks amid these challenges.

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    How far can a treasurer’s voice travel?

    Who is listening to treasury? What would it take for treasurers to have a regular voice in the boardroom? The recent ACT annual conference proposed such a scenario as part of its ‘If treasurers ruled the world…’ theme.