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    Breaking news: EPC launches new consultation on SCT and SDD

    The European Payments Council has launched a three-month public consultation on possible changes to the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Rulebooks.

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    Risk high but manageable, say Asia CFOs

    An annual survey of finance chiefs in the Asia market reveals a confident mood in the region’s business prospects. But while the majority of the region’s multinationals are feeling bullish about revenue growth in the year ahead, concern about financial risks is on the rise.

  • Federal Reserve

    Big issues: corporate bond market expansion

    New research suggests that not only has the size of corporate bond markets increased almost threefold since 2000, but also that the secondary market is undergoing a transformation. What is the impact of this on corporate issuers?

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    Mark-to-market: a different set of values

    Valuation of assets by mark-to-market is not always appropriate, especially for long-term investments; an additional way to value assets is needed. A leading academic – one of the world’s top commentators on the financial crisis – talks to Treasury Today about a possible solution.

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    I’d buy that for a dollar

    How strong is treasury buying-power when it comes to negotiating with banks? What influence do treasurers have over the cost of their banking? A new report aims to reveal just that.

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    Sterling: won’t get fooled again

    The pound sterling jumped to a fresh five year high earlier this week amid a raft of positive economic data. Investors believe that an improving outlook will force the Bank of England to raise rates sooner rather than later. What does this mean for corporates?

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    Are EM investments going mainstream?

    As corporates and investors alike struggle to get decent returns in a low-yield environment, emerging markets are seen by some as a viable investment alternative. Now that sovereign wealth funds and public pension reserve funds also move into emerging market investments, could this be a watershed moment for EM?

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    Looking for alternatives

    Responding to the funding shortfalls facing UK SMEs, the government is considering forcing banks to share more information about their clients with alternative lenders. But does the nascent sector have what it takes to pick up the slack from regulation weary banks?

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    Sustainability: the heart of the business

    Environmental sustainability has not traditionally been one of the responsibilities of the treasury function. But as increasing numbers of corporates step up their efforts towards being sustainable, there are ways the treasury can get involved in the process.

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    FX trading: peer pressure

    Peer-to-peer comes to corporate FX trading. The aim? To deliver transparency and lower costs for small to mid-sized corporates in the face of stiff bank competition. How does it do it?