• Soft toy teddy bear sitting next to old fashioned telephone

    Softly, softly: the new treasury skillset

    As the role of treasury department has moved away from a siloed back office function to a strategic business partner to the board, the skills of the treasurer have had to evolve. In many cases, being an excellent (technical) treasurer is not enough; soft skills are increasingly required in order to stand out from the crowd.

  • Big wave at sea

    The great Euro PP surge

    Private placement issuance in Europe is gathering momentum as industry efforts to open the market to a wider range of corporate issuers by fostering greater harmony and transparency roll on.

  • Chess match between EUR and USD notes

    QE: let the currency wars begin (again)

    The ECB’s QE pledge to buy up more than €1 trillion of debt between now and September next year has predictably stoked up the markets. What effect will this action have on the major currencies?

  • A mix of different chairs floating

    All change in APAC transaction banking

    With a game of ‘musical chairs’ taking place at the executive level of many of the big banks in Asia and a handful of international players forced to cut-back their offerings in the region, it is certainly a dynamic time for the sector. But how is this impacting treasurers’ bank relationships and should they be concerned?

  • Oil rigs out at sea in the sunset

    Making the most of cheap oil

    The fall in the price of oil has been one of the big market stories of the past year. But how can treasurers help their companies leverage the opportunities of lower energy input costs?

  • Retro alarm clock

    FATCA 2015: your obligations

    As the IRS moves ahead with plans to leave no stone unturned in its quest to bring home tax revenue from all US persons wherever their money is lodged, Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) will start to feel the heat this year as some key FATCA deadlines approach. But what does this mean for corporate account holders with overseas interests?

  • Carole Berndt

    Carole Berndt to head up Global Transaction Banking at ANZ

    It has been announced that Carole Berndt – currently Global Head, Transaction Services at RBS – will be leaving her role to join Australian bank ANZ as its Managing Director of Global Transaction Banking. Berndt will take up the new position in May 2015, based in Hong Kong.

  • Man reading book with coffee

    A guide to the new regulatory galaxy

    The recent deluge of regulatory measures affecting transaction banking has been accompanied by a raft of ‘information’ – bringing anything but clarity to the changes. Global industry expert, Ruth Wandhöfer, talks to Treasury Today about her latest book, which aims to demystify these regulatory developments.

  • Sydney lit up at night

    Australian corporates turn to the capital markets

    A perception exists that Australian corporates are, more often than not, heavily reliant on bank funding. However, a survey from BNP Paribas shows that this is not necessarily the case. Treasury Today Asia looks at how Australian corporates are diversifying their funding and talks to two experts to find out the true drivers behind this.

  • Four candles lighting up darkness

    Fear of the dark

    As a ‘hidden’ source of corporate information, the concept of Dark Data has a ring of fearfulness about it. Should we be hiding behind the sofa or tackling it head-on?