• Strong, thick chain isolated on black background

    Banks joining forces to advance the ‘ultimate disrupter’

    Blockchain presents a great opportunity to fundamentally rethink the way financial services are delivered – and as the growing numbers signing up to the Distributed Ledger Group (DLG) attest, the banks are taking it very seriously indeed.

  • Euro notes and coins growing out of three plant pots

    Alternative funding needs standardisation to thrive

    Corporate expectations for using alternative funding sources are on the rise in Europe, but the market needs to work towards improving the loan documentation if it is to thrive. A new survey and report reveal the state of play.

  • Arches and temple in Gadi Sagar lake at sunset sky in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

    Corporate treasury in India – the age of sophistication

    Corporate treasury in India is a fairly young profession. Yet, despite this and the numerous challenges that corporates in India have faced over recent years, treasuries are thriving and rapidly growing in terms of sophistication.

  • Man on laptop and phone

    User-friendly banking

    Online banking portals play a key role in the day-to-day management of many treasury departments. Yet, in many cases, they can be antiquated and complex. How are banks looking to bring their online banking portals into the 21st century?

  • Three golden eggs in a nest

    Funding you can bank on?

    European companies have been flocking to the debt capital markets in recent years to take advantage of the ultra-low yield environment. Talk to the treasurers of some of these companies, though, and a more strategic motivation is often mentioned.

  • Missing piece of the puzzle completing it

    The missing piece

    Reputation can’t be quantified, but its importance to the continuation of successful business is undeniable. Why is it then that it seems to be overlooked by so many corporates? Its intangible nature for starters make it difficult to justify significant investment of time and money. Here, we talk to Nigel Pearson, Global Head of Fidelity at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), about how when you take a closer look, it soon becomes obvious that a company’s reputation is something treasurers may want to protect.

  • Bunch of people meeting

    SIBOS 2015: Views from the floor

    Last week, over 7,000 delegates from the world of finance descended on Singapore for the annual SIBOS conference. Here, Treasury Today reviews some of the key discussion points from the event.

  • Glass globe in the woods

    Investments to make a difference

    As corporates are increasingly paying attention to the environmental and social impacts of their businesses, what can treasurers do to engage in more sustainable practice? Here, Treasury Today talks to Lloyds Bank about their latest offering – an environmental, social and governance (ESG) deposit scheme – to suit those corporate treasurers with a vision to make an active difference without compromising returns.

  • Looking up at the trees in a forest

    Lobbying for growth

    Is the ongoing regulatory deluge impeding the provision of credit, and acting as a drag on the economic recovery? Treasury Today asks Nicholas Voisey, Director of the Loan Market Association (LMA), for his take on the matter.

  • Runner ready for the race to start

    New model army: real-time payments options set to increase

    With the introduction of a New Access Model to the UK Faster Payments Scheme, the arrival of many more providers is expected to shake up the real-time payments space. It is good news for corporate users.