• St Basil's cathedral in winter, Moscow, Russia

    Can Russia live without SWIFT?

    What would treasurers do if their access to SWIFT was suddenly blocked? Although it remains an unlikely last resort, that very scenario was last week raised as a sanction that could possibly be levelled against Putin’s Russia. In this Insight, we examine what such a measure might mean for banks and corporates if it were ever introduced.

  • Buildings in the Emirate of Dubai

    Improving bank relationships in the Middle East

    Transaction banking services in the Middle East have become consistently more sophisticated in recent years to match the needs of increasingly demanding corporate customers. Here we look at some of the most interesting developments to emerge as banks enrich their corporate offerings in the region.

  • Venus fly trap

    The data trap

    Huge fines and damaged reputations could become commonplace in the next few years unless banks pay more attention to the way they tackle financial crime. Big Data and analytical tools have a key role to play, says one stakeholder.

  • Should I take up golf???

    With the US and European Ryder Cup teams now announced, we can probably be forgiven if the office gossip focuses on golf over the next couple of weeks. Just listen into the conversations among your male colleagues over the coming days and, if golf isn’t mentioned, I am pretty confident that “which football club paid how much for who?” will be the other hotly debated topic. You may think this is being a little too stereotypical? Well, you may be surprised to learn that both golf and football featured several times in response to questions in our Women in Treasury Study 2014 which recently closed.

  • Wind farm in sunset

    Green is the word – Part two

    In part two of this insight we look at the advantages of issuing a green bond and the challenges and risks which need to be considered. We also look to the future of the market and how our two experts expect it to develop.

  • Business suit and equipment

    The charitable treasurer

    When a major international charity or not-for-profit organisation falls foul of a bad FX deal the impact is far greater than a mere accounting loss. Many such organisations lack the treasury know-how that could prevent such financially damaging events. Now is the time for treasurers to make a difference.

  • Renminbi underneath abacus

    Redback gaining a foothold in Europe

    European corporates are embracing the renminbi in ever greater numbers, according to the latest results of SWIFT’s RMB Tracker.

  • Race horses competing

    IFRS 9: hedging your bets

    The IFRS 9 accounting standard is generally considered an improvement on its predecessor, IAS 39, in a number of ways. But what does it mean for corporate treasurers?

  • Green fields with wind farm

    Green is the word – part one

    In the last twelve months a number of large corporates have issued green bonds as a way to raise financing and the market looks set to increase even more over coming years. Yet what actually makes a bond ‘green’? Treasury Today investigates.

  • hand squeezing orange juice

    Funding the ‘squeezed middle’

    With bank lending in retreat across Europe, a great deal has been written of late about the nascent alternative finance market for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs) and, equally, the funding opportunities for large corporates in the debt capital markets. But what about the companies that are too large to benefit from alternative SME finance, yet too small to issue high-yield debt?