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    Continued market volatility leads treasurers to see the bigger picture

    From managing balance sheet risk to reducing operating costs, OpenLink’s Mark O’Toole explains why it has never been more important for treasurers to have a full view of risk across the business to address these challenges as commodities and currencies continue to fluctuate.

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    Corporate resilience in an uncertain time

    Uncertainty in the global economic environment is forcing corporates to revisit their strategies. This is especially true in Asia Pacific, where building resilience is at the top of the agenda.

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    Do you really care about inequality?

    Although more women than men start out in financial services, almost all of the top jobs in the industry are held by men. A new charter is seeking firms to commit to equality targets.

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    Why knowing your supply chain could save you money

    The argument for knowing more about your supply chain isn’t just about corporate social responsibility. For treasurers, a more persuasive point might be that this information could help them reduce customs liabilities and improve tax performance and efficiency. Here, we talk to Brian Staples, Founder at Trade Facilitation Services, about what corporates can do to get the best of both worlds.

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    Blockchain sets it sights on the OTC market

    Last month, India based trading technology company uTrade announced the launch of its uClear blockchain solution for real-time clearing and settlement in financial markets. Here, Founder and CEO Kunal Nandwani discusses the solution and how treasury may benefit.

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    Bond origination just got easier

    Traditional manual ways of primary bond issuance could be swept aside by a new digital platform that claims an end-to-end origination experience for issuers, brokers and investors.

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    Making sense of the mess

    After last week’s momentous referendum result, treasurers across the globe will surely be wondering what happens next. Unfortunately, the answer to that question may take a long time to become clear. In the meantime, we review some of the initial reactions and explore a handful of the crucial questions treasurers will need to think about in the months (and, quite possibly, years) ahead.

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    Don’t let burnout end your career

    With markets in turmoil the need to put in the hours is unquestioned. But what is too much? Burnout is a genuine symptom of extreme workplace stress. Learn to recognise the symptoms and how they can be alleviated.

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    Managing the new era of RMB

    Last week, at the second China Capital Markets Conference, hosted by ASIFMA, experts from the world of banking and corporate treasury discussed the latest developments around the RMB and how we have entered a new era for the currency.

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    Sterling strategies tested as EU vote looms

    If recent polls are to be believed, the UK may be on the brink of voting to leave the EU. Hedged or not, corporates are likely to be in for a bumpy ride should that be the case.