• Unlocked padlock on gate

    Double act take credit for SCF offering

    A new offering from PrimeRevenue and AIG promises to open access to supply chain finance to non-investment grade businesses, potentially freeing up billions for the UK economy currently tied up in invoices. We find out what steps have been taken to bring this SCF solution to the mid-market, and what corporate buyers can do to ensure suppliers see SCF as the win-win solution it really is.

  • Person choosing key out of many

    Redback joins IMF currency club

    On Monday, the IMF announced that the Chinese RMB would be included in its special reserve currency club. The decision marks another momentous step in the currency’s internationalisation journey – but what does it actually mean for treasurers?

  • Screwed up colourful bits of paper with lit up lightbulb in the middle

    The strategic value of insurance: part one

    If treasurers can easily calculate the value of buying insurance versus the cost of holding capital, it opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making when dealing with stakeholders and insurers alike.

  • A tortoise

    China: be on top of your game in 2016

    The recent pace of growth in China has been slower than in previous years. For those corporates who were expecting higher growth, and there are many, 2016 will be the year to align business strategies to the new norm. Treasury Today talks to Gourang Shah, Treasury Services APAC, at J.P. Morgan about his ‘top tips’ for keeping on track in volatile times.

  • Golden net and droplets

    African payments project hangs on ‘golden thread’

    A major treasury infrastructure change has seen complex African electronics group, Altron, shift from manual to fully automated payment processes with XML messaging at the heart of the changes.

  • Smartphone on an artist's desk with watercolour paints and brushes.

    The art of communication

    At many organisations access to Facebook may be restricted, but what if Facebook could be used to effectively and efficiently ensure that the entire business is communicating and working together towards a common goal?

  • Top Treasury Team, Flex – Adam Smith Awards Asia 2015

    Best in class: Adam Smith Awards Asia 2015

    On Thursday 12th November 2015, the best and the brightest from the treasury community in Asia descended on Singapore to celebrate each other’s success at the annual Treasury Today Asia Adam Smith Awards Gala Presentation Lunch. Here are some of the highlights from a remarkable day.

  • Man sorting through rope releasing any knots

    Friend or foe: repos unravelled

    Whether repos are seen as the answer to cash deposit prayers in a low-yield era or as an administrative headache depends on your level of understanding. Treasury Today seeks an explanation from an industry exponent.

  • Different sized weights in order of size

    Why size matters for MMF sponsors

    Treasurers who park cash in money market funds may have noticed that their investment options have become somewhat narrower over recent years. But the trend towards greater industry consolidation may not be entirely set in stone.

  • Fast cars at night creating light trails

    E-invoicing gains momentum in UK

    The UK government has been talking up the economic benefits of e-invoicing for some time. But are any organisations listening? A recent survey by Basware suggests that, at long last, many now are.