• BREXIT symbol of the referendum UK vs EU

    CFOs rank Brexit as top concern

    Chief Financial Officers rank EU membership as highly beneficial for UK exports, FDI and global influence and are increasingly concerned about the risk a potential Brexit poses, a new report shows.

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    How corporates can benefit from off-balance sheet securitisation

    Securitisation of trade receivables can be a useful financing alternative for corporates when credit markets are tight. Here Finacity’s David Viney explains how companies with sufficient volumes of receivables can achieve their wider financing goals whilst keeping the transaction off balance sheet.

  • Dawn on the coast of Cape Town, Africa

    Centralising treasury in Africa – some considerations

    Corporates doing more business in Africa are increasingly looking to centralise treasury operations. Here we look at the various locations where it’s best to do this and how liquidity can be managed across this vast continent.

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    Brexit: where do our readers stand?

    Last week Treasury Insights asked readers what result they would like to see in the upcoming UK referendum on EU membership. The results are now in.

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    Is scandal brewing in your corporate culture?

    When companies operate in competitive environments, managers are more likely to tolerate unethical business practices if profit is generated, a new study shows. But managers are also likely to punish employees if loss is incurred. As neither of these situations are ideal, we ask: what can be done?

  • Fulvio Barbuio, Head Corporate Treasury and Risk at Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Fulfilling treasury’s strategic mandate

    Treasury is undoubtedly a more strategic function than it was a decade ago. But how can it maintain this position and ensure that it continues to add value to the business? Fulvio Barbuio, Head Corporate Treasury & Risk at Australian Broadcasting Corporation shares his experiences and offers some sound words of advice to his peers.

  • Etihad Airways jet. Credit: Dmitry Birin / Shutterstock.com

    How Etihad Airways selected its transactional banking partners

    Choosing transactional banking partners is often one of the most important decisions a treasury team ever makes. But what do top treasuries look for today in a transaction bank? We asked Etihad Airways to talk us through their selection criteria.

  • Old windmill and new wind turbine in the Netherlands

    Greater choice as new meets old in receivables finance

    Fintech was the hot topic at a recent industry conference on trade receivables finance. With banks rumoured to be reviewing their product offerings in certain markets, will your future supply chain finance solution come from a tech company instead?

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    Treasurers taking key role in IPO

    Treasurers about to go through an IPO take note: you will have a significant role to play as reporting under IFRS demands closer attention to your financial instruments. Treasury Today talks to Ernst & Young Global about the impact of going public.

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    It’s time to start speaking the same language

    Now one of the world’s largest companies, Apple, has issued a green bond, perhaps other corporates will take notice. Other than a few businesses on a ‘green mission’, the lack of corporate issuance has been obvious in the green bond market – but not without reason. Following a recent Climate Bonds Initiative seminar, Treasury Today talks to Jon Williams, Partner, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC, about how a board-led integrated approach to sustainability could spark treasurers into action.