• Stock market numbers on screen

    Goldman brings ETFs to the cash investor

    It’s an Exchange Traded Fund, but not like one you will have seen before. Goldman Sachs Asset Management tell us why they think their new ETF that offers daily liquidity will be a big hit with corporate cash investors.

  • Sticky notes with different emotions

    What do you want from PSD2?

    With the Payment Services Directive 2 on the horizon, what can corporate treasurers be doing to ensure the regulation works in their favour?

  • Cloud computing symbol made from real cloud

    ION’s Reval takeover: the lowdown

    Reval explains what the takeover means for its corporate customers.

  • Mechanism of clockwork of a watch

    US MMF reform: the initial assessment

    Last week, Treasury Today provided a brief refresher on the US money market fund reform. Now, just under a week since the reforms went live, we speak to Andrew Linton, Head of Global Liquidity Product Development at J.P. Morgan Asset Management who provides commentary on the changes and offers some practical advice for corporate treasurers.

  • Three cyclists racing

    Challenges on the way to KYC standardisation

    It didn’t take long for third-party providers to spot opportunities in the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) regulatory burden faced by banks and their corporate clients. KYC Registries, and more in-depth managed service providers, have sprung into action to support bank compliance with regulation on money laundering, terrorism finance and the hundreds of other demands for more transparency in the wake of the financial crisis. For treasurers brave enough to jump on board, the new platforms promise a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Women in Treasury New York Forum 2016 panellists

    Women in Treasury New York Forum 2016

    Driving Diversity: Treasury and finance professionals come together in New York to celebrate and champion diversity at the first US installation of the Treasury Today Women in Treasury Forum.

  • Airport arrival sign with aeroplane in the sky

    US MMF reform arrives

    New US MMF rules come into force on Friday. Here is a brief reminder of the changes and what they mean for asset managers and corporate investors.

  • Close up of person stacking coins infront of clock

    Making a claim for zero-based budgeting

    The recent uptick in M&A activity should lead group treasurers and financial directors to take a closer look at zero-based budgeting. Mark O’Toole, Vice President of Commodities & Treasury Solutions at OpenLink explains why.

  • Row of butterfly cocoons and a newly hatched butterfly

    India’s digital revolution

    The impact of digitisation on the Indian economy and society has been profound. Now corporates are rapidly evolving to take full advantage of the opportunities this presents.

  • Secure payment message on smart phone next to laptop

    Mobile payments: on the move

    Citi recently became the latest major US bank to join Early Warning’s clearXchange mobile payment network. Here we take a look at the development of mobile payments and what this means for corporate treasury.