• Currency notes rolled up on table

    Brexit and the currency market

    What has been the true impact of Brexit on the earnings of corporates and how have treasury teams responded?

  • Athlete on the 2017 starting line with 2016 behind them

    How might 2016 shape 2017?

    As we approach December, many treasurers are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2017. But, in many respects, these challenges and opportunities will be shaped by the events and trends of 2016. Here we look to the future by reviewing the big talking points of 2016.

  • Containers loading onto a boat by crane

    The future of trade finance?

    A “world first” deal between the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo provides a preview of what the future of trade may look like.

  • Old keys hanging from ceiling with one key in the spotlight

    Have you considered asset-based lending?

    Once regarded as a solution for companies in financial difficulty, asset-based lending is now becoming a key tenet of a corporate funding strategy.

  • Two people playing Jenga in a library

    Playing by the rules

    From tax rules to anti-money laundering (AML) obligations, managing regulation – and regulatory change – is a considerable challenge for corporate treasurers around the world. In Asia, the region’s disparate countries, currencies and regulatory authorities make these challenges even greater. Companies operating across the region may be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of regulatory changes each year, depending on their geographical footprint.

  • Autumn maple leaf transition

    Regulatory change

    The changing face of regulation around the world has been a major concern for treasurers over the last few years – and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

  • Matt Cornwall, Capita

    60 Second Interview: Matt Cornwall, Deputy Treasurer, Capita

    Currently the Deputy Treasurer at Capita, a leading UK outsourcing firm, Matt Cornwall entered the treasury profession seeking a challenge and the desire to be involved in the commercial heart of the organisation. Here he outlines his role today and his thoughts on the treasury profession.

  • Chinese RMB coins and symbol

    Veolia enters the panda bond market

    The French multinational joins a small number of foreign corporates that have tapped the nascent Chinese onshore bond market. Treasury Today talks exclusively to Claire Bechaux, Director of Treasury at Veolia who shares their story.

  • Cefi Chen, Regional Treasury Director China and Russia, Cummins

    60 Second Interview: Cefi Chen, Regional Treasury Director China and Russia, Cummins

    All eyes have been on China of late as the economy continues to transition towards the ‘new normal’. For businesses operating in the country the shift is creating new challenges, seemingly on a daily basis. But Cefi Chen, Regional Treasury Director China and Russia at Cummins sees past these challenges and recognises an opportunity for the corporate treasury department to raise its profile.

  • Plants breaking through the road, reaching for the light

    A breakthrough in bank fee management?

    It is important to know how much you are paying for banking services. But for treasurers this has typically been an impossible job. Until now.