• Robotic hand fitting shapes into shaped holes

    What does treasury AI really look like?

    It’s talked about a lot but many treasurers are yet to get to grips with what artificial intelligence (AI) really means for them in a professional capacity. We asked SAP’s expert for his view on an AI future.

  • Chess pieces on map of Europe with the UK and EU flags

    No-deal Brexit: thinking the unthinkable

    This week will see the issue of a series of government papers outlining its thinking of how ‘business as usual’ can be maintained after 29th March 2019.

  • Participants from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch roundtable – Matthew Davies, BofAML, Richard Parkinson, Treasury Today Group, Stephanie Wolf and Hubert J.P. Jolly, BofAML

    Presenting the Executive Series: audio teaser

    Treasury Today and Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s new Executive Series project will launch this September. Ahead of the launch, we are delighted to share an audio teaser for the upcoming video, print and digital coverage of the project so you can hear what it’s all about.

  • Two hikers celebrating reaching the top of a snowy mountain

    Get the recognition you deserve: Adam Smith Awards Asia 2018

    Corporate treasurers and their teams across the Asia Pacific region often work impressively, but are these efforts getting noticed? Treasury Today Group’s Adam Smith Awards Asia were established in 2014 to address this. With our 2018 programme open for nominations, now is your chance to submit an entry.

  • Bunch of 100 dollar bills laying on a wooden table

    The dollar rides roughshod in Asia Pacific

    The battered Turkish lira isn’t the region’s only currency under pressure from a resurgent greenback.

  • Hisham Malak, Head of Treasury & Investor Relations, Mubadala Investment Company

    60 Second Interview: Hisham Malak, Head of Treasury & Investor Relations, Mubadala Investment Company

    Hisham Malak, Head of Treasury & Investor Relations at Mubadala Investment Company, details how the treasury department has evolved following the merger between Mubadala Development Company and the International Petroleum Investment Company.

  • Fragile card tower

    Interest rates: little room to manoeuvre

    The Bank of England cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.5% back in March 2009. Last week’s decision to raise it above this emergency level is a small step back to normal conditions and its durability looks fragile.

  • Golden and silver king chess pieces standing next to each other, versus

    SWIFT versus Ripple: a marathon bout

    Is the fintech challenger’s promotion of blockchain as the future of cross-border payments more convincing than the long-established SWIFT’s payments initiative?

  • Aircraft flying over tall buildings in city

    Factor investing: rising above cap-weighted benchmarks (part two)

    Factor investing offers scope for more precise portfolio construction. In low return environments, are they a more effective means with which to assess market risk and enhance returns? In part two we look at build, purpose and possibilities.

  • Speed light trails through city on train

    Not so fast: US companies sit on tax windfall

    The Trump administration was quick to deliver on its promise to slash America’s corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and prolong the economic expansion. Yet US treasury and finance professionals appear keener to sit on their increased cash holdings for now, rather than harness them for hiring and investment.