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    Next generation TMS

    Treasury management systems have changed markedly over the past decade, with many adopting a broader range of functionalities as well as different deployment models. In theory, companies of all shapes and sizes are now able to leverage these solutions – but to what extent are corporates in Asia Pacific taking advantage of next generation treasury technology?

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    Moving away from manual

    As a fast-growing company, Malaysia’s Tan Chong Group needed to move away from manual processes and drive more efficiency across its treasury operation.

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    Banking on user experience

    With more to do and with fewer resources available, treasury professionals increasingly lack the time and patience to deal with clunky and inefficient banking services and systems, and are calling for a better user experience. But are the banks listening and what comprises a ‘good’ user experience? Treasury Today finds out.

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    Ten steps to TMS success

    Treasury management systems, despite the clear benefits they bring, are not found in all treasury departments. But for those looking to move away from spreadsheets, here are ten steps to success.

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    ION’s Reval takeover: the lowdown

    Reval explains what the takeover means for its corporate customers.

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    Online research service helps streamline vendor procurement

    Online vendor research platform, diliger, has expanded its service to cover corporate treasury technology, potentially removing the need to issue burdensome RFI documents.

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    Your system is dead?

    When a core treasury system such as a TMS or ERP fails, either partially or catastrophically, you had better be prepared to take control. But how likely is this to happen? And even if it does, what can be done? Treasury Today looks at what happens and what to do if your TMS or ERP goes down.

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    Problem Solved: 
    Anne Heidemann and Kim Japp, DONG Energy

    DONG Energy, having been created from a merger of six companies in 2006, each with its own procedures, systems and bank relationships, faced the problem of bringing its finance processes into alignment. Treasury Today explores how Nordea’s Global Cash Pool and eGateway solutions helped to optimise DONG Energy’s performance.

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    Welcome to the future of treasury

    In the past few decades, the role of the treasury department has transformed exponentially from a fairly unknown function to that of a vitally important strategic business partner. To support this, the environment that treasury works in has also transformed, thanks in large part to the advent of the digital age.

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    Reval unveils packaged treasury

    Having studied market needs, Treasury and Risk Management system vendor Reval unveils its new cloud-based packaged approach. From basic to complex, it believes it has all options covered. What’s the deal?