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    BEPS is coming. What should you be doing?

    With BEPS looming on the horizon, James Badenach, International Tax Services Leader, Asia Pacific Financial Services, EY, explains what impact it will have on corporate treasury.

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    APAC’s tax landscape is becoming increasingly complex

    A new study by Deloitte highlights that multiple forces are creating a myriad of challenges for multinationals operating across the region.

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    VAT comes to the Gulf: are you prepared?

    With VAT soon to be introduced across the Gulf states there is a lot to do for businesses to be ready, but many are not prepared.

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    BEPS: corporates urged to “pick up the pace”

    Corporates are making progress in adjusting to the new rules demanded by the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting plan, also known as BEPS. However, in some countries, treasurers and tax executives still have a long distance to travel.

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    Making sense of the mess

    After last week’s momentous referendum result, treasurers across the globe will surely be wondering what happens next. Unfortunately, the answer to that question may take a long time to become clear. In the meantime, we review some of the initial reactions and explore a handful of the crucial questions treasurers will need to think about in the months (and, quite possibly, years) ahead.

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    You don’t know what half your assets are worth

    Traditional accounting methods of valuation and recognition of intangible assets are such that many companies around the world have little or no idea of their true value. The negative impact this has on risk management, tax and lending decisions, to name but a few, should not be underestimated.

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    China to lose global manufacturing top spot say business leaders

    Global competitiveness in manufacturing is intense and the competition will ratchet up over the next few years forcing changes in the leader-board or so says a new survey of business leaders. What will staying ahead of the game require?

  • BEPS: need to know

    This month’s question

    “With OECD having presented its final BEPS Action Plan in October 2015, in what ways will its implementation impact the treasury departments of multinational companies and what should treasurers be doing now to prepare?”

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    Justifying the cost of compliance

    New regulatory changes requiring urgent attention continue to land in treasurers’ in-trays around the globe on a near daily basis. In this article, we ask: does regulatory compliance always have to be a burden? What happens when treasurers conceive of compliance projects instead as an opportunity to improve the operational efficiency of their departments?

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    Are you ready for BEPS?

    Of all the tax and regulatory changes treasurers are grappling with at present, few have the potential to impact such a broad spectrum of treasury activities as the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) Action Plan. Here, an expert from Deloitte explains why the initiative is as much a treasury issue as a tax issue, and that addressing it is likely to necessitate much greater cross-functional collaboration.