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  • Mark Evans and Michael Lim, ANZ

    Crossing borders: navigating the new reality of international business

    The seemingly inexorable march of globalisation has redefined how businesses operate, enabling them to reach more customers, improve efficiency and ultimately become more profitable. However, in an increasingly complex world, the benefits that have been delivered by globalisation can no longer be taken for granted.

  • Coins in a large glass

    Why knowing your supply chain could save you money

    The argument for knowing more about your supply chain isn’t just about corporate social responsibility. For treasurers, a more persuasive point might be that this information could help them reduce customs liabilities and improve tax performance and efficiency. Here, we talk to Brian Staples, Founder at Trade Facilitation Services, about what corporates can do to get the best of both worlds.

  • Stem of ripe cotten in a field ready to be harvested

    Can you trace your supply chain? Probably not

    Recent scandals have highlighted how it is in a company’s best interest to keep a close eye on where the goods it buys come from. But given that most have limited resources to devote to this task, platforms designed to monitor ethical risks in supply chains might be worth a close look.

  • Large container ship passing underneath Bayonne bridge

    SCF: incumbents vs disrupters

    The battle between the banks and the fintech disrupters for a bigger share of the global supply chain finance business is heating up. Both have invested heavily in their platforms over recent years. But who has got the solutions treasurers are really coveting?

  • Person shopping online on their iPad

    Online boom creates profit compression

    The multichannel shopping experience has been gaining traction for some time now and as a result, retailers are facing fierce competition and compressed profit margins in the challenge to deliver. With recent developments such as Sainsburys’ takeover of Home Retail in an attempt to broaden its customer base and gain access to a vast distribution network, we reflect on observations from a recent Fitch Ratings’ Credit Outlook Conference outlining the retail sector environment.

  • Glasses looking over city scape at night in focus

    Blockchain sets sights on commodities trade

    Blockchain technology is set to deliver transparency and visibility to the movement of physical commodities in the supply chain as a new prototype application gathers momentum. Integration with the trade finance function could be the next step.

  • Truck driving down the highway before the sun sets

    Trading places

    The last two decades have seen a seismic shift in global trade corridors. Where once trade was conducted primarily between developed western nations; today, emerging markets, and more specifically Asia, are now at the heart of those flows. So with trading relationships extending further afield and encompassing a broader range of companies than ever before, what has the impact been on international treasurers?

  • Container ship leaving the port and aeroplane flying over

    Centralising supply chain management

    Corporates around the world will be familiar with centralised treasury structures and the creation of regional treasury centres. Yet, for the most part, sales and procurement remain activities conducted at a local level. Could a switch to a centralised approach offer greater value?

  • Sunset over the calm sea creating beautiful sky

    Payment terms: regulation on the horizon?

    At a recent supply chain finance event hosted by technology provider Taulia, (unfair) corporate payment terms were hotly debated. And, more importantly, how – if best practice is not adopted – governments may be forced to regulate.

  • Glass ball looking out over a lake at sunset

    What’s on the cards?

    Use of corporate cards is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, with more and more companies in the mid-market space embracing cards. What is driving this trend and when is the right time to get on board?