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  • Two chess pieces, the UE and the UK, in Brexit strategy concept

    Brexit: the countdown

    With 12 months remaining before Brexit becomes a reality, what are the possible outcomes – and how should treasurers be preparing?

  • Rainbow lights reflecting in the water off of bridge

    Building bridges

    While protectionist sentiment continues to shape the economic policies of some western markets, initiatives currently gaining momentum in Asia could lead to the development of new trade corridors and opportunities, both within the region and with trading partners further afield.

  • Fantastic rooftop view of Dubai's modern architecture by night with illuminated skyscrapers

    All action in the Middle East

    Economic and geopolitical uncertainty has been the order of the day in the Middle East over the past 12 months. Treasury Today speaks with Chris van Dijl, Founder at consultancy firm Cugavadi to find out what this all means for treasurers.

  • Point of view of person riding a motorbike

    Seize the day: Maersk’s eCommerce journey

    By digitising the business, Maersk has become one of the world’s leading eCommerce companies. Here is its journey so far...

  • Isolated spot light shining

    A spotlight on global trade

    The ICC’s annual Trade Finance report puts the industry under the spotlight and finds it in the midst of a great shift.

  • Containers traveling on sea under blue sky

    In focus: supply chain centres

    Managing supply chain activities effectively is an essential component of a business’ success. Companies which do not perform well in this area can be at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to reducing costs, minimising risk and ensuring the quality of goods.

  • Close up of combination lock

    Unlocking the ties in working capital

    Not to be confused with simply releasing trapped cash, working capital optimisation is a dynamic process that can add value to the whole supply chain. With shrinking profit margins across Asia, corporates are focusing on the bottom line and looking at ways in which they can manage the cash conversion cycle to optimal effect.

  • Sanjeev Chatrath, Region Head and Managing Director, Thomson Reuters

    Future-proofing the treasury department in an uncertain world

    The role of the corporate treasury has evolved exponentially since the global financial crisis. Circumstance alone has not pushed treasury in this direction of change, treasurers themselves have stepped up, utilising new technology to protect the business from financial and operational risks. But, as recent market volatility has demonstrated, treasurers need to stay agile and must ensure they have the correct tools to meet any challenge, both today and in the future. In this article, Sanjeev Chatrath, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Financial & Risk at Thomson Reuters, discusses how corporates operating in Asia and beyond can best prepare themselves to meet these challenges and the tools that they have at their disposal.

  • Green man on traffic lights

    Dynamic discounting: winning over corporates

    Dynamic discounting is a concept that has the ability to revolutionise how companies finance their supply chain. But what is dynamic discounting and what is driving the solution forward?

  • Blurred warehouse shelves

    Working capital management: reaching the next level

    The way that corporates approach their working capital management is evolving. Rather than simply addressing inefficiencies for short-term gain, forward-thinking treasurers are now striving to embed sustainable, long-term working capital strategies at the heart of their business. Four experts from ING’s Working Capital Solutions group explain what is driving this shift and outline how companies can take their working capital management to the next level, while ensuring minimal disruption in their day-to-day operations.