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  • Doing business in Nigeria

    Oil-rich Nigeria is sub-Saharan Africa’s second largest economy, with daily oil production of around 2.1m barrels per day in 2010. Despite the global financial crisis and recession, the Nigerian economy has fared well, posting GDP growth of 8.1% in 2010, making Nigeria one of the world’s fastest growing countries today. The country’s medium-term prospects are also bright, with GDP predicted to grow by 6.9% and 6.7% in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

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    A working relationship

    For treasurers, visibility over cash has never been more vital. To truly gain this visibility, the relationship that the corporate has with its banking partners is critical. But challenges exist in areas such as fees and regulation.

  • Relationships you can bank on in times of crisis

    It is often said that the quality of your business depends on the quality of the relationships you enjoy with your counterparties. Never has this saying been more important for corporate treasurers than today with the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis placing a severe strain on the European banking system.

  • Martin Luther King meets the markets

    It is safe to say it won’t be as fondly remembered as that famous speech Martin Luther King delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but Alessio Rastani’s ‘I have a dream speech’ this week has certainly caused a stir.

  • Handbags and gladrags

    While many high-street retail shop fronts are closing their shutters for the last time, Milan-based Prada’s sales are soaring in contrast, with an increase of 74% net income in the first six months of 2011. So who can afford to buy these pricey leather items from the Italian fashion house?

  • The (Os)borne identity crisis

    He may have passed through the ranks of some Britain’s most venerable institutions – St Paul’s school, Magdalen College, Oxford and the Conservative party, to name but three, but when Treasury Today received an email announcing that George Osborne was set to take up residence at that other pillar of the Establishment – Barclays Bank – further investigation was required. Had the UK Chancellor tired of reeling in the country’s run-away budget? It would seem so.

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    Using cash pooling for an expanded footprint

    It is no secret that companies with extensive geographical footprints often encounter difficulties related to centralised cash flow management.

  • Debt becomes her

    Of all the many and varied problems associated with dying, damage to the sufferer’s credit rating is not usually thought to be the worst. Yet that is the only symptom experienced by J.P. Morgan Chase customer Wrenella Pierre, who has fought a long-running battle with the bank to get her life back.

  • Testing times for stressed out banks

    The results of the European bank stress tests are due to be released today. After last year’s whitewash, expectations – and tensions – are running high. But what impact will the judgement have on treasurers?

  • Unintended consequences of Basel III could hit corporates hard

    A lack of coherent implementation internationally and the over-enthusiasm of zealous regulators could mean the Basel III rules do more harm than good – driving up corporate costs and removing valuable services from treasurers just when they need them most.