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    I’d buy that for a dollar

    How strong is treasury buying-power when it comes to negotiating with banks? What influence do treasurers have over the cost of their banking? A new report aims to reveal just that.

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    Time to be your own bank?

    Disintermediation. It’s an ugly word – and a trend that most bankers would rather not acknowledge. But with lending down and regulation tying financial institutions’ hands, we are witnessing a structural shift away from financing by European banks. What does this mean for treasurers and what are banks doing to stay in the game?

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    Lloyds Bank and Standard Chartered extend partnership on Asian trade

    In September, Lloyds Bank and Standard Chartered announced a deepening of their relationship, specifically around Asian trade. Treasury Today caught up with Jacqueline Keogh, Head of Global Trade in the Transaction Banking team at Lloyds, to find out more.

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    EuroFinance 2013: Regulations, relationships and rationalisation

    Over 1,900 attendees from more than 60 countries gathered together for EuroFinance’s International Cash and Treasury Management conference in Barcelona last week. Three ‘Rs’ were part of almost every panel discussion and case study presentation: regulations, relationships and rationalisation. In addition, technology and innovation remained cornerstone topics of the conference.

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    With a little help from your banks

    With a swathe of new regulations coming down the pipeline, how can corporates cope? A panel during the Corporate Forum at Sibos in Dubai argued that the answer lies in a strengthening of the relationship between corporates and their banking partners.

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    The only way is ethics

    For a business, ‘doing the right thing’ is important for a number of reasons. But is there a difference between a truly ethical business and one that has merely subscribed to a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme? In the final part of Treasury Today’s ‘Sustainability’ series, we consider these differences and look at how perception can affect business.

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    Translating treasury overseas

    Enhanced international communication skills can boost revenue, profits and market share for ambitious firms, as accessing and capitalising on overseas markets is recognised as playing a large part in the corporate growth agenda.

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    It’s not about the money

    Employee morale is directly tied to productivity and thus companies ignore it at their peril. It makes no sense to wait until there is an issue before tackling employee morale, but how can you spot a potential problem and what can you do about it?

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    We need to talk about risk

    In the wake of the global financial crisis, companies across the world are now paying more attention to risk management than ever before. But experts warn that poor communication between different levels of organisations may be hampering efforts.

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    This month’s question

    “How do treasurers determine share of wallet with their banks?”