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  • Business woman stressed in the office

    How to keep employees happy

    In any company, few things are as costly or as disruptive as good people walking out the door. Preventing low staff morale should be considered a vital part of running every business.

  • Storm breing

    Is scandal brewing in your corporate culture?

    When companies operate in competitive environments, managers are more likely to tolerate unethical business practices if profit is generated, a new study shows. But managers are also likely to punish employees if loss is incurred. As neither of these situations are ideal, we ask: what can be done?

  • Etihad Airways jet. Credit: Dmitry Birin /

    How Etihad Airways selected its transactional banking partners

    Choosing transactional banking partners is often one of the most important decisions a treasury team ever makes. But what do top treasuries look for today in a transaction bank? We asked Etihad Airways to talk us through their selection criteria.

  • Road separates into two different directions

    Finding a new bank tops list of treasury challenges

    Switching banks became a top challenge for Europe’s corporate treasurers after a major provider pulled out of international transaction services last year – and industry experts are warning there could be more disruption still to come.

  • Paul Thwaite, RBS

    Bank Interview: 
    Paul Thwaite, RBS

    What corporate treasurers want from their banks and what they actually get may be mutually exclusive propositions. When a bank claims to have realigned itself with the real needs of its corporate clients, both for the here and now and for the long term, it seems prudent to let that bank explain just what it means.

  • Wooden raft floating on still lake

    Treasury with foresight

    There’s little doubt that efforts to engage in sustainable and responsible business are in the spotlight more than ever before; Volkswagen’s share prices plummeting amidst last year’s emissions scandal, the public reaction to Amazon’s treatment of employees and the outrage that China burns much more coal than it claims – the list could go on. But what do corporate treasurers need to know and what can they do to ensure their business makes a positive impact on the world without having a negative impact on profits?

  • Team of people putting their hands together

    Building a productive working culture

    With corporate treasurers around the world frequently being asked to do more with less, the need to drive maximum productivity from the treasury team is a must. Tony Osentoski, Director EMEA & Asia Pacific Treasury at Cytec Industries, explains how building a resilient and empowering corporate culture can go a long way to achieving this objective.

  • Rain pouring from a black umbrella

    Protecting your assets

    Cash flow forecasting is crucial to managing the financial health of a company and as such, it has remained at the top of the corporate agenda for some time now. But it can be one of the most frustrating tasks, partly because of inaccurate and untimely reporting from different business units. Is a simple or sophisticated approach best? Can technology make the job easier? Treasury Today goes back to basics to answer these questions and more.

  • Business chart with glowing arrows decreasing in height

    Coping with a scandal

    In the first of our new series asking corporates to consider various situations, Treasury Today takes a closer look at how companies can prepare for the worst. When news of a scandal hits, much of the focus gathers around the main offenders, but what about those left holding the reins? Managing the short-term reputation is just the start, as the treasurer is relied upon to keep on top of the reverberations in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Women in Treasury London Form panellists group shot

    Women in Treasury London Forum: 
    A summary of the key findings

    Although the progress towards gender equality can sometimes feel sluggish, the good news is that, across the globe, comprehensive campaigns and industry specific initiatives are raising awareness and inviting everyone to join the conversation on how to achieve gender equality. Over the past few years, significant progress has been made towards addressing legacies of inequality, with a loud and inspiring global push for diversity. Here, we take a closer look at the results of Treasury Today’s global Women in Treasury Study 2015, which presents milestones to celebrate, as well as reasons to keep up the momentum.