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  • Ather Williams, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    There’s nothing Mickey Mouse about BofAML’s new GTS Head

    Forgive the headline but we were amused to learn that the new Head of Global Transaction Services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) was at one time a Strategic Planner for Walt Disney. We caught up with Ather Williams when he was in London the other week.

  • RBS sign on the side of building

    RBS rumours way off the mark

    Press reports elsewhere that ‘RBS executives in Asia plan to encourage non-core transaction banking clients to transition to HSBC as part of its broader exit from the market’ are misleading and make no sense. Treasury Today sets the record straight.

  • Baby wooden blocks on a window ledge

    How to ace an RFP

    Whether you’re looking for new services and banking partners or updating current systems, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a core stage in any tendering process. In this article, we look at the building blocks behind drafting, issuing and analysing a best-in-class RFP.

  • One green match standing out from a crowd of red matches

    A day in the life: interim treasury

    For the interim treasurer, a number of skills must fall into place to be a success. It can be hard work finding the next assignment but the rewards both financially and in terms of job satisfaction can make it all worthwhile. What pleasures and pains does the role hold for practitioners?

  • Baby birds tweeting loudly

    Do not ignore stress

    Professional life has many rewards but sometimes the pressure of expectation combined with a lack of resources and support can get too much. It is vital that this issue is tackled sooner rather than later. One senior treasurer explains how her methods can help people from all walks of life.

  • Lake in national park surrounded by mountains

    Grabbing the bill by the horns

    It is right that banks charge for their services – but are they charging too much and how do corporate treasurers know if they are getting a fair deal? Treasury Today looks at bank billing and some of the ways in which treasurers can assess their total spend.

  • An old bank building

    What do you really want from your bank?

    They play a vital role in the life of every corporate but do banks really offer the products and services that treasurers need? Representatives from both sides discuss.

  • Glass globe sitting on Indian rupees

    RBS to significantly reduce presence in overseas markets

    Corporates may well be rethinking their global bank relationships following a recent announcement from RBS stating that it will be dramatically scaling back its corporate and institutional banking network across the world.

  • Sprouting plants growing on top of stacks of coins

    This is too much

    Treasurers know they are going to pay fees for bank services, but knowing how those fees are calculated and to what degree they are negotiable can ease the pain (slightly).

  • Erin Strang, Aurizon

    Women in Treasury: 
    Erin Strang, Aurizon

    From early in her career Erin Strang, Group Treasurer & VP Tax & Governance at Australian rail freight operator Aurizon has been aware of the power of networking. In this profile, we hear Erin’s candid views on how networking has helped shape her career and how she believes a more diverse corporate landscape can be created.