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  • Woman using spreadsheets on laptop

    Don’t let spreadsheets kill your business

    Spreadsheets are the lifeblood of most financial professionals. But if you don’t know how well they are being controlled, they could be killing your business.

  • Traffic light trails on windy mountain roads leading towards the sea and sunset

    Belt and Road: opportunity or threat?

    As ambitious projects go, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) takes some beating. With all the grand plans to establish the infrastructure capable of connecting great swathes of Asia and Europe, it needs businesses to get involved. What does it take for a treasurer to ensure their organisation’s engagement with BRI is successful?

  • Aidan Shevlin, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management at J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Stepping out of the shadows: demystifying China’s new asset management industry rules

    Rules recently introduced by China’s financial regulators will transform the country’s asset management industry. Aidan Shevlin, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, unpacks the rules and explains what they mean for investors.

  • Person holding old clock which is turning into dust

    European MMF regs: time to cut to the chase

    So much has been said about money market reform in the US and Europe over the past couple of years that it is difficult sometimes to know where we are. J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s recent Global Liquidity Investment Forum 2018 in London offered a refreshingly brief update and call to action.

  • Stock market trading graph

    Understanding the short-term investment landscape

    Regulatory changes such as Basel III have affected the way that banks view operational and non-operational deposits, while low interest rates and the rise of money market funds are also impacting treasurers’ short-term investment decisions. What are treasurers looking for in the current market – and how important is it to review existing policies?

  • Navigating Asia’s regulatory landscape for efficiency and growth

    Shape the debate

    This is the first in a series of three articles produced by Treasury Today Asia and Citi, giving you the chance to have your say on some of the key issues in corporate treasury today. In this article, Sandip Patil outlines his views on the Asia regulatory landscape. We invite you to answer three polling questions based on your view of the content. We will analyse and publish the results in an upcoming edition of our Treasury Insights newsletter, kickstarting industry debate.

  • Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Global Liquidity Product Development, International at J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    It’s time to plan for European money market fund regulations

    With just months to go until the new rules governing the money market fund industry in Europe come into effect, treasurers need to start preparing for the future. Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Global Liquidity Product Development, International at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, provides a roadmap for the months ahead.

  • Person holding pen to tick off box on form

    MMF reform: a to-do list

    With Europe’s money market fund reform now under way, fund managers have plenty to do this year as they adjust their offerings in line with the new rules. Meanwhile, treasurers should take the opportunity to review the new fund structures, update their investment policies and check that their cash and treasury management systems are able to cater for the changes.

  • Guiyang, China skyline at Jiaxiu Pavilion on the Nanming River

    China: a delicate balance

    As China enters a brave new era and looks to gain even greater political and economic prominence around the world, new opportunities and challenges will emerge for organisations doing business in the country. Treasury Today Asia analyses the forces driving the country’s transformation and looks at what this all means for treasury.

  • Bunch of retro, old microphones

    Corporate treasury voice to influence development of Libor replacement

    The transition to the UK’s sterling Libor replacement, the Sterling Overnight Index Average, will take corporate treasury views into account. Treasury Today talks to Frances Hinden, Vice President Treasury Operations, Shell International, about her role as co-vice chair of the Bank of England’s working group on sterling risk-free reference rates.