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  • Road separates into two different directions

    Finding a new bank tops list of treasury challenges

    Switching banks became a top challenge for Europe’s corporate treasurers after a major provider pulled out of international transaction services last year – and industry experts are warning there could be more disruption still to come.

  • Paul Thwaite, RBS

    Bank Interview: 
    Paul Thwaite, RBS

    What corporate treasurers want from their banks and what they actually get may be mutually exclusive propositions. When a bank claims to have realigned itself with the real needs of its corporate clients, both for the here and now and for the long term, it seems prudent to let that bank explain just what it means.

  • Relay runners passing the baton

    BNP Paribas and RBS agreement: the lowdown

    Last week, Treasury Today learnt that RBS had concluded a referral agreement with BNP Paribas for clients who have not yet made new banking arrangements following the bank’s decision to withdraw cash management services from all markets except the UK and Ireland.

  • RBS sign on the side of building

    BNP Paribas takes on RBS customers

    RBS and BNP Paribas announced a referral arrangement that will help cash management and trade finance customers affected by the RBS decision, earlier this year, to scale back its corporate and institutional banking network across the world. Speaking to Treasury Today, the banks explain how they will be working together to ensure a seamless transition for RBS customers wishing to migrate to BNP Paribas.

  • Stack of paper documentation

    A paper cut that won’t hurt

    With the promise of reducing the paperwork for bank account opening by three-quarters, RBS is making inroads into its pledge to make life easier for its clients.

  • Busy shopping centre

    Making a success of supplier finance

    Characterised by smoke and mirrors, supplier finance is seen by many as something of a dark art. In reality, it is a practical means of enabling key suppliers to secure an early cash flow injection on better-than-normal credit terms, while allowing the corporate buyer to obtain a longer settlement period, reduce the risk of supplier failure, and increase supplier loyalty. So why does this ‘win-win’ solution still have an air of mystery about it and how can companies make the most of supplier finance?

  • Anand Pande and Steve Everett, RBS

    Key trends in cash and trade

    Interesting times lay ahead for the transaction services industry and providers have to deliver on many fronts. Without doubt, the quality of the relationship and the insight provided by banks around the converging themes of cash and trade continue to offer a vital lifeline for corporates the world over. Anand Pande, Global Head of Trade, and Steve Everett, Global Head of Cash Management, discuss the depth and breadth of transaction services capabilities at RBS.

  • Shell building

    Corporate View: 
    Shell: still leading the pack

    In a rare opportunity to interview one of the best teams in the field, Treasury Today visits Andrew Longden and his treasury team at the Shell Centre in London. We discuss the team’s achievements and also the challenges a corporate giant faces in today’s world.

  • Group photo of the Talking Treasury Forum participants

    Supply chain finance: what’s in a name?

    From the impact of Basel III on trade to the growing trend towards supplier finance, five bankers discuss the changing world of supply chain finance, with an eye on creative solutions for the future.

  • Patrick Clarke

    Corporate View: 
    Patrick Clarke, EMI

    In its heyday, the EMI brand was synonymous with some of the most stellar names in the music industry. Under the aegis of Sir Joseph Lockwood, the company’s chairman who retired at the age of 70, the likes of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, David Bowie and Pink Floyd signed to the label in the ‘60s and ‘70s.