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    Commitment issues

    The bank agnostic technology model is increasingly sought by treasurers eager not to put all their eggs in one basket. It is a risk management quest but it is also one of operational and cost efficiency. Treasury Today considers the benefits and drawbacks of stepping beyond the world of bank proprietary technology.

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    What can fix our broken bond markets?

    When rates finally begin to rise, experts worry that the secondary market for corporate bonds will freeze over. New electronic solutions may alleviate some of the strain, but do they hold all of the answers?

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    25 years on, the web is still transforming treasury

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of the internet. During the past quarter of a century treasury – and indeed the world – has changed remarkably as a result of the invention. In this insight we reflect on what treasury was like before the web, and look forward at how the medium continues to be a driver of innovation.

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    FX relationships: the human element

    There are no financial risks facing corporates greater than those of foreign exchange risks. Keeping risks associated with their FX exposures in check used to be a very time-consuming activity for the corporate treasurer. That was before the advent of the portal, however. Now, rather than picking up a phone to call its banking partners, treasurers can supposedly find the best price at the click of a button. But is that really the case? We asked corporates and their banks.

  • Not just any portal in a storm

    Instead of trading separately and directly with a number of money market funds (MMFs), treasurers looking to optimise short-term yield on their cash holdings are increasingly turning to the single-platform/multi-fund MMF portals made available by banks and independent providers. What are they and what do they offer corporate users?

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    FX trading: peer pressure

    Peer-to-peer comes to corporate FX trading. The aim? To deliver transparency and lower costs for small to mid-sized corporates in the face of stiff bank competition. How does it do it?

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    Credit where it’s due: SCF innovation

    SCF solutions have helped numerous blue-chip companies and their large suppliers, but for smaller players reasonably priced credit often remains elusive. With a host of new solutions coming on to the market, are we about to turn a corner?

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    Deal or no deal: anatomy of an FX portal

    Effective foreign exchange (FX) trades are a key part of many a treasurer’s role. Getting the best out of a deal requires an understanding of the channels used and how they work. Treasury Today dives under the bonnet to explore the pros and cons of FX portals.

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    Problem Solved: 
    Andreas Liebenow, Henkel

    Henkel needed greater visibility and control over its entire banking structure and “wanted to see all balances of all accounts on a daily basis, at the press of a button”. The only solution was a web-based, bank-owned solution and Citi’s TreasuryVision liquidity portal stood out.

  • MMF portals: show me the money

    When it comes to money market funds (MMFs), treasurers are looking for full visibility into their investments, particularly in terms of counterparty exposures. MMF portals can provide this transparency, from high-level overview through to the granular detail.