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    Pool party

    Get back to basics with the pros and cons of cash pooling in all its forms.

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    Good cash management = less banking

    The most effective route to efficient cash management is to minimise banking – balances at banks and flows through banks – because such third-party interactions inevitably increase both risks and costs.

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    Liquidity management

    Following queries on my ‘Cash management tools compared’ article, it seems useful to follow up with another view of liquidity management. In the previous article, I analysed how different cash management tools can help treasurers. Here I will look at the issues facing treasurers around liquidity management, and show how the different tools address those issues.

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    Cash management tools compared – Part two

    Last week we analysed a number of the cash management tools available to corporates. This week we look at another suite of tools and our treasury expert David Blair, Managing Director at Acarate outlines how these can be used to meet different cash management objectives.

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    Cash management tools compared: part one

    Over the years, a plethora of tools have been created which allow corporates to effectively and efficiently manage their cash. Yet, with so many now available, the real challenge for corporates is knowing which ones are right for the company and how they all fit together. We talk to David Blair, Managing Director at Acarate who guides us through the various tools.

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    Are you ready for BEPS?

    Of all the tax and regulatory changes treasurers are grappling with at present, few have the potential to impact such a broad spectrum of treasury activities as the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) Action Plan. Here, an expert from Deloitte explains why the initiative is as much a treasury issue as a tax issue, and that addressing it is likely to necessitate much greater cross-functional collaboration.

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    State of independence: bank-agnostic cash pooling

    One of the world’s largest steel and mining firms tells Treasury Today how it has managed to build an in-house cash pooling structure and what it means to be bank-agnostic.

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    Problem Solved: 
    Anne Heidemann and Kim Japp, DONG Energy

    DONG Energy, having been created from a merger of six companies in 2006, each with its own procedures, systems and bank relationships, faced the problem of bringing its finance processes into alignment. Treasury Today explores how Nordea’s Global Cash Pool and eGateway solutions helped to optimise DONG Energy’s performance.

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    Basel III in Asia: need to know

    Basel III is the latest buzzword in banking and finance across Asia’s markets. Here, Citi’s Nishami Dharmaratne highlights what the regulation means for corporates.

  • Problem Solved: 
    Jeanette Chang, IBM

    Moving cash in and out of China was once a big headache for corporates operating in that country. Thankfully, that is now changing. In this article, IBM tells Treasury Today how regulatory changes allowed it to implement a more efficient and effective cash management solution enabling entities in China to centralise funding and FX and standardise processes into the group's global in-house bank.