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  • Businessman looking into virtual portal

    Corporates focus on the future of payments

    Innovation in the payment landscape was the main focus of a recent report by Nordea. Here are some of the findings.

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    Are you ready to report?

    From next month, UK businesses will be legally required to report on their payment practices. Treasury Today takes a closer look at what the Duty to Report on Payment Practices and Performance Regulation means for businesses.

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    ‘One stop shop’ e-commerce collection solution

    Standard Chartered’s new solution, launched in partnership with Tencent Financial Technology Group, leverages WeChat’s online payment gateway to enable corporates to reach over 800m consumers in China.

  • David Blair, Acarate

    Payments without banks

    The current arrangements for storing and transferring value evolved over centuries under organisational, legal and technical constraints that are now mostly irrelevant. Rather than delegating account holding and payments to banks, central banks should bank us all directly.

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    The payment revolution(s)

    From SEPA to FAST and from gpi to Ripple, innovation in the payments landscape is occurring faster than ever before. Whilst this disruption makes the future of payments somewhat uncertain, ultimately the real winners will be corporates who can look forward to a faster, cheaper and more seamless payments experience. Treasury Today explores some of the latest developments.

  • Mark Evans and Michael Lim, ANZ

    Crossing borders: navigating the new reality of international business

    The seemingly inexorable march of globalisation has redefined how businesses operate, enabling them to reach more customers, improve efficiency and ultimately become more profitable. However, in an increasingly complex world, the benefits that have been delivered by globalisation can no longer be taken for granted.

  • Mastering accounts receivables

    Optimising accounts receivables has traditionally proved challenging for the corporate treasurer. However, the last couple of years have brought new opportunities for efficiency and automation. What steps should treasurers take to overcome the challenges of AR optimisation and how can innovative new tools help them achieve this?

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    SWIFT’s gpi goes live

    With SWIFT’s global payments innovation (gpi) initiative officially launched last week, Treasury Today finds out what it means for corporate treasurers.

  • Janko Han portrait

    60 Second Interview: Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations, Autoneum

    For Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations at Autoneum the last few years have been about driving efficiency and standardisation across the company’s treasury operation. Here he outlines what he has been working on and what is on the agenda for 2017.

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    Ripples in the payments landscape

    Ripple are aiming to revolutionise the payments space. Treasury Today speaks to Daniel Aranda, Managing Director of Ripple Europe to find out how.