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  • Euro bank notes curled up and standing up

    SEPA Instant is coming

    Arguably the biggest development in the European payments landscape since the launch of SEPA will arrive later this year. Are you up to speed on the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Scheme?

  • Black and white close up of chain

    Bold moves on the blockchain

    In both Europe and Asia, banks have announced deals with their corporate clients utilising the blockchain. Here, Treasury Today outlines these deals.

  • Wim Grosemans and Adrian Brown, BNP Paribas

    Key steps to improved foreign currency management

    As globalisation continues to drive the need for international payments, corporates are engaging with issues around underlying FX as well as the payment itself. Increasingly, they require their banks to offer fully integrated payment and FX platforms. BNP Paribas’ new cross-currency solution is designed to meet these requirements. In a recent webinar hosted by Treasury Today, Wim Grosemans and Adrian Brown discussed key areas of focus which can result in improved foreign currency management.

  • Secure payment message on smart phone next to laptop

    Mobile payments: on the move

    Citi recently became the latest major US bank to join Early Warning’s clearXchange mobile payment network. Here we take a look at the development of mobile payments and what this means for corporate treasury.

  • Crumpled office paper around a lit lightbulb

    The problem with POBO

    Few would deny that payment on behalf of structures have delivered many benefits to corporate treasury departments looking to streamline their payments process. However, there are some issues with the solution that are often overlooked. Francisco de Barros, EMEA Regional Treasurer at AbbVie, sits down with Treasury Today to discuss these.

  • Person adding more and more wooden blocks to pile showing an increase

    What will the payments landscape look like in five years?

    Payments innovation hasn’t been the sole creation of fintechs; banks have accepted the challenge and have been developing their own impressive offerings. But are we seeing collaboration or competition between the two? A workshop at SWIFT’s recent Business Forum suggested that it’s a bit of both – meaning the real winners are the corporate customers.

  • Road in Shanghai

    CIPS and SWIFT – the payments partnership

    In March, SWIFT announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the China Cross-border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) Co. to develop the payments infrastructure by connecting it to the global financial community. Here are the recently firmed up details behind the agreement.

  • Person touching a smart phone

    More corporates set to join the mobile revolution

    New mobile payments solutions are letting companies send payments instantly to customers using just a phone number. Is it finally time for treasurers to chuck the cheques?

  • Paper origami birds flying to the light

    Treasurers flock to virtual accounts

    Over the past year, many of the RFPs received by leading banks in Europe have shared something in common: that something is virtual accounts. But when will companies in other regions be able to benefit from the solution?

  • Blockchain technology

    This month’s question

    “With recent announcements that several big banks are considering using blockchain technology, how does it work and how could it affect the financial industry?”