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  • Working capital

    This issue’s question

    “My business is struggling with working capital and payments are often too slow for our suppliers. What can I do?”

  • Corporate View: 
    Bikash Mukherjee, Amway India

    Bikash Mukherjee, AVP – Head of Treasury at Amway India, strives to be ahead of the game and his storied career is punctuated with innovation after innovation. Here he reveals the secret of his success and what is next on the agenda.

  • Outsourcing with wings

    “When Serrala created its Managed Services group in early 2018, its aim was to deliver a suite of modular services capable of improving the clients’ operations and reducing their costs,” says Mickey Vonckx, the group’s VP. Can that really work for specialised treasury functions?

  • The winner takes it all? Not quite in the battle of fintechs vs banks

    The notion that corporates may one day do all their banking with tech groups seems entirely possible. It’s forcing an urgent revaluation between banks and their corporate clients of where the true value in their relationship rests. From the outside, corporate banking looks as vulnerable of falling victim to the internet as its retail cousin; look a bit closer and banks still have important advantages.

  • Removing the pain points for international payments

    In a world of interconnected global commerce, paying for goods and services across borders has become standard practice. But for the legions of corporate treasurers at the forefront of global trade, the experience of sending and receiving payments internationally has been anything but standardised.

  • Lifebuoy floating in a swimming pool in the sun

    Credit where it’s due

    While corporate insolvencies are leaving many suppliers with unpaid bills, the cost and availability of trade credit insurance cover has improved significantly in recent years.

  • Golden and silver king chess pieces standing next to each other, versus

    SWIFT versus Ripple: a marathon bout

    Is the fintech challenger’s promotion of blockchain as the future of cross-border payments more convincing than the long-established SWIFT’s payments initiative?

  • Alarm close minute hand tied to nail in the ground, delay concept

    Delayed payments lead to lost revenue say nearly 20% of businesses

    A new survey measures the cost of payment delays in the Americas.

  • Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala

    Industry View: 
    Sven Lindemann, Serrala

    The payments landscape has become increasingly complex. Driven by the demand for corporate value-added services, rising customer expectations, and a dynamic global regulatory landscape coupled with structural changes in the financial industry, treasurers are facing challenging times. Clarity of information is essential. But can a true-view of cash-in and cash-out be achieved? Is a ‘Treasury as One’ integrated process possible? Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala (the new name for Hanse Orga Group) explores the notion of a new payments universe.

  • Payment fraud prevention

    This issue’s question

    “The latest AFP Fraud Payment Survey found that 80% of companies had at least one instance of payment fraud occur in 2017. What can treasury do to stop this?”