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  • Person using facial recognition to unlock their phone

    Smile and enter: biometric authentication set to boost treasury mobile usage

    Securing the system whilst offering a great user experience is the key to encouraging more treasury professionals to use mobile banking channels.

  • Business man using smart phone and laptop

    Say goodbye email-overload, hello collaborative chat

    Communication is vital to most businesses but sometimes there is just too much of it, particularly via email. The answer may lie in a new professional messaging and collaboration platform that went public yesterday with a major revamp.

  • Person shopping online on their iPad

    Online boom creates profit compression

    The multichannel shopping experience has been gaining traction for some time now and as a result, retailers are facing fierce competition and compressed profit margins in the challenge to deliver. With recent developments such as Sainsburys’ takeover of Home Retail in an attempt to broaden its customer base and gain access to a vast distribution network, we reflect on observations from a recent Fitch Ratings’ Credit Outlook Conference outlining the retail sector environment.

  • Kingfisher birds diving for fish

    Cash in Asia: king for now

    The vision of a cashless society has existed for decades, yet physical cash remains an integral part of many, if not most, economies in Asia Pacific (APAC). In this article, we explore the benefits a cashless society can bring, the steps being taken towards this, and ask whether a cashless society in APAC will ever be feasible.

  • Nose of yacht sailing in the sea at sunset

    Navigating the APAC payments market

    Mobile and online technologies have made rapid progress in the past decade as smartphones have become ubiquitous and high-speed internet has been rolled out across the world. Businesses and consumers have come to expect rapid access to information and want to conduct transactions in real, or near, real time.

  • Mobile phone drawn on a beach stone with chalk

    Mobile treasury: just a corporate convenience?

    If you take a quick look around you, it is likely that a smartphone or tablet computer won’t be far away. The evolving habits of today’s consumers and corporates mean that expectations for mobile applications to be available anytime and anywhere are increasingly commonplace. But how comfortable are treasurers with mobile channels and how committed are their banks to investment in mobile technologies?

  • David Aldred and Geoffrey Gursel, Citi

    Dubai: your gateway to Africa

    Setting up a regional treasury centre in Africa is a notoriously intricate process. This is precisely why informed multinationals have been looking for a more efficient route into the continent. Could Dubai’s geographical proximity, favourable business environment, and significant technological and infrastructure investments, provide the solution?

  • Man typing on iPhone

    This is what you want…this is what you get

    Mobile devices in the corporate space have been on offer for a while now but the level of uptake has not really warranted all the hype surrounding this topic. A new industry survey identifies the banks’ attitude to mobile.

  • Close up of passport

    Get control of your T&E

    Manually processing travel and entertainment expenses can be a burdensome and costly process for both the worker and company. Installing an electronic T&E solution – and we don’t just mean a cards programme – may be one way to alleviate the burden and derive a number of benefits for both parties.

  • 8 ball on snooker table

    The power of 8

    Citi has been working with Microsoft to create a new Windows app that the bank says will provide corporate treasurers around the world with a “compelling experience”. Experts from both teams explain how it works.