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  • Lightning striking the White House in Washington

    Devil without sheep’s clothing

    Will the game of musical chairs in the White House and Trump’s stance towards the rest of the world fan the geopolitical flames and what will this mean for global markets?

  • Long straight road leading towards snowy mountains

    EuroFinance 2017: plotting the course ahead

    Intelligent treasury and dealing with disruption were on the agenda at last week’s EuroFinance International Cash and Treasury Management conference in Barcelona. Here is a snippet of what Treasury Today found out.

  • Simon Ogden, Chief Operating Officer, Spafax

    60 Second Interview: Simon Ogden, Chief Operating Officer, Spafax

    As an international content marketing agency focused on the airline industry, Spafax is an organisation well versed in the complexities of doing international business. Simon Ogden, Chief Operating Officer at Spafax explains how it has adapted to meet changing needs and why it is crucial to build and maintain a positive corporate culture.

  • Chinese RMB coins and symbol

    Veolia enters the panda bond market

    The French multinational joins a small number of foreign corporates that have tapped the nascent Chinese onshore bond market. Treasury Today talks exclusively to Claire Bechaux, Director of Treasury at Veolia who shares their story.

  • Victoria falls waterfall in a beautiful setting

    Sub-Saharan Africa: regional insight

    With increasing levels of investment in Sub-Sharan Africa, many treasurers here in Asia Pacific are now having to deal with the nuances and local market realities that are present in this part of world. Here, we take a detailed look at these are and what constitutes best practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Central banks will successfully chase higher inflation

    There is a state of imbalance in the current climate, and it cannot continue. At some point, keeping the economy afloat by allowing debts to soar (even) higher, meaning that negative interest rates are required to ensure borrowing continues, will not be possible. Here, we take a close look at the sheer complexity and, at times, idiocy of the present situation and why inflation is the preferred solution.

  • An old disused windmill at dawn

    Trade winds

    In recent years, trade growth has failed to outpace the rate of global economic growth, for the first time since 1985. The impact of this has been felt in Asia especially, as the world’s most vibrant trading region, impacting both its economies and companies alike. In this article, we look at what corporate treasurers can do to navigate the business through these difficult times, and also how new technology is transforming trade finance.

  • Close up of lock on safe

    T2S is coming: what corporates should know

    As the Eurozone Target2 Securities platform gets set to go live in June, market participants have flagged a warning that repo trade settlement has not been sufficiently covered. What impact will this have on corporate treasurers?

  • Chess match between EUR and USD notes

    QE: let the currency wars begin (again)

    The ECB’s QE pledge to buy up more than €1 trillion of debt between now and September next year has predictably stoked up the markets. What effect will this action have on the major currencies?

  • Abstract digital image with equations

    Algo trading: for a few dollars more

    Algorithmic trading uses a computer programme and advanced mathematical modelling to trade at the optimum time. Typically associated with large institutional investors and professional traders, does it really have a place in treasury?