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    Sub-Saharan Africa: regional insight

    With increasing levels of investment in Sub-Sharan Africa, many treasurers here in Asia Pacific are now having to deal with the nuances and local market realities that are present in this part of world. Here, we take a detailed look at these are and what constitutes best practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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    Making a claim for zero-based budgeting

    The recent uptick in M&A activity should lead group treasurers and financial directors to take a closer look at zero-based budgeting. Mark O’Toole, Vice President of Commodities & Treasury Solutions at OpenLink explains why.

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    Corporate resilience in an uncertain time

    Uncertainty in the global economic environment is forcing corporates to revisit their strategies. This is especially true in Asia Pacific, where building resilience is at the top of the agenda.

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    You don’t know what half your assets are worth

    Traditional accounting methods of valuation and recognition of intangible assets are such that many companies around the world have little or no idea of their true value. The negative impact this has on risk management, tax and lending decisions, to name but a few, should not be underestimated.

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    China: be on top of your game in 2016

    The recent pace of growth in China has been slower than in previous years. For those corporates who were expecting higher growth, and there are many, 2016 will be the year to align business strategies to the new norm. Treasury Today talks to Gourang Shah, Treasury Services APAC, at J.P. Morgan about his ‘top tips’ for keeping on track in volatile times.

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    Safety in numbers

    M&A deals are on the up globally and in Asia in particular; 2014 saw the region present the highest total value of deals on record. What are the important legal, financial and organisational factors in making a deal and what role can the treasury play to ensure success?

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    M&A and the law

    As the number and value of M&A deals in and out of Asia rises, so the number of failed deals rises too. A strong legal team is essential to help ensure the success of a sale or purchase. We talk to Norton Rose Fulbright, an international law firm with a strong regional presence.

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    Corporate Japan heads overseas

    Certain corporates in Japan have been on an international shopping spree as they look to drive growth through investment in overseas markets. What are the true catalysts behind this activity and what are the challenges that corporate treasurers in Japan face when venturing abroad?

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    Banking clubs: obsolete?

    As the big banks began to collaborate with smaller, local financial institutions to form partner networks, some began to question the validity of banking clubs in the post-crisis world. But rather than threatening their existence, the fallout from the global banking crisis presents an opportunity for banking clubs to extend their influence, provided they can also extend their coverage.

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    This month’s question

    “A merger or acquisition (M&A) can be an unstable time for a company. How is the treasury affected by this process and what steps can the department take to ensure a smooth transition?”