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    Investments to make a difference

    As corporates are increasingly paying attention to the environmental and social impacts of their businesses, what can treasurers do to engage in more sustainable practice? Here, Treasury Today talks to Lloyds Bank about their latest offering – an environmental, social and governance (ESG) deposit scheme – to suit those corporate treasurers with a vision to make an active difference without compromising returns.

  • Farouk Ramzan, Head of Commercial Banking, Europe, Lloyds Bank

    Lloyds Bank strengthens European commitment

    To prosper globally, corporates must inevitably look beyond their traditional markets. With perceived instability in Europe however, treasurers want certainty. That means banking partners they can rely on to support their expansion. In this article, Lloyds Bank outlines how its strategic European focus aims to help corporates find growth across the UK and Europe, with an emphasis on commitment, strategic advice and tailored solutions.

  • John Salter, Lloyds Bank

    Transforming treasury: going the extra mile

    As treasurers become more involved in wider business activities, from enterprise risk management to board-level decision-making, regulation is challenging them to rethink the way they approach fundamental treasury tasks and relationships. Meanwhile, technology is enabling greater efficiencies, but also presenting a number of new threats. John Salter, Managing Director, Global Corporate and FI, Global Transaction Banking, Lloyds Bank, discusses five key themes for treasurers to keep firmly on their radar in the months ahead.

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    Shock protection: managing currency risk in emerging markets

    Moving into the emerging markets can bring great reward but simultaneously presents increased risk, not least of which is currency risk. At a workshop hosted by Lloyds Bank, their experts asked the questions and offered some answers.

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    Making a success of supplier finance

    Characterised by smoke and mirrors, supplier finance is seen by many as something of a dark art. In reality, it is a practical means of enabling key suppliers to secure an early cash flow injection on better-than-normal credit terms, while allowing the corporate buyer to obtain a longer settlement period, reduce the risk of supplier failure, and increase supplier loyalty. So why does this ‘win-win’ solution still have an air of mystery about it and how can companies make the most of supplier finance?

  • Balancing investment return and liquidity cover

    Establishing a methodology that enables a treasurer to better understand and react to corporate liquidity requires considerable thought and discussion; there is no one-size fits all solution because no two sets of business needs are exactly alike. That said, it is possible for an individual corporate to construct an accurate picture of how its cash and investment needs can be balanced for both safety and return without losing liquidity cover.

  • Guy Pantall, Lloyds Bank

    Gearing up for SEPA

    With less than six months to go before the migration deadline for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Guy Pantall, Head of Product, Cash Management and Payments, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, outlines the immediate impact of 1st February 2014 and how Lloyds Bank is helping its corporate clients find the opportunities presented by SEPA to create a more efficient treasury.

  • Lionel Taylor, Head of Trade Product, Lloyds Bank

    Supply chain finance – modern, simple, effective

    Supply chain finance (SCF) may have been available for many years, but there is no shying away from the fact that it has never quite taken the starring role in the pantheon of banking products. It may lack glamour but, for those that know, it is a simple and effective working capital solution that functions in the background helping both corporate buyers and their supply chain. Lionel Taylor, Head of Trade Products at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, gives Treasury Today a guided tour of all that SCF means today – and what it may mean in the future.

  • Business Briefing: How do you manage inflation uncertainty?

    The Bank of England (BoE) has missed its 2% inflation target for the past 41 consecutive months. How will it manage the inflation environment going forward, and how should corporates analyse and quantify their explicit and implicit inflation risk?

    Aled Patchett and Andrea Loddo of Lloyds Bank propose an approach that treasurers may adopt in order to determine their net inflation exposure and the most effective response in different inflation scenarios.

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    Bank Interview
    Robert Hare, Lloyds Bank

    In the current economic environment and the volatility that we’re seeing in European markets, the importance of understanding liquidity options, and creating and managing a liquidity strategy to maintain the health of the business, cannot be overstressed. Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Director of Specialist Banking, Robert Hare, considers the options.