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  • Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    Industry View: 
    Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    With negative rates, increasingly scarce liquidity in the money markets and regulatory upheaval in both Europe and the US, these are very challenging times for the corporate investor. In this article, Bea Rodriguez, Managing Director, Co-Head of International Cash Management and Chief Investment Officer for the Sterling and Euro Cash team at BlackRock describes how the liquidity management environment for corporates is changing, and outlines some of the alternative investment opportunities now being explored as a consequence.

  • Reading the signs

    Slowing growth and rising interest rates in the global economy could be important signals for things to come. ECR takes a look at how diverging monetary policies, amongst other factors, across the world’s various regions are having a knock-on effect on each other’s economies – but not always in the best way.

  • View from Tengwang Pavilion, China

    RMB hubs are the best choice for now

    The creation of offshore RMB clearing centres has been a key pillar in the internationalisation of the Chinese currency. Yet despite these hubs (in theory) making it easier and less risky for business to be settled in RMB, there are a number of challenges that remain.

  • Surfer riding a wave

    Moving in waves

    Inefficient mobilisation of liquidity has a number of negative effects on corporate financial well-being, not least being increased risk. The good news for businesses is that there are several ways to hold a steady course in a rolling ocean of market uncertainty.

  • Mobile phone resting on laptop keyboard and credit card

    In and out of Africa: cash mobilisation in emerging economies

    Moving into Africa brings opportunities and risks that must be tackled if success is on the agenda. When it comes to mobilising cash, the same strengths and weaknesses must be dealt with to make the most of the experience. How can this be achieved?

  • Three different sized lady birds

    The ‘broken’ market making model

    Liquidity in the secondary bond market is evaporating. Right now, this is a problem for fixed-income investors, not corporate issuers. But if the problem is not addressed will it come back to bite issuers further down the line?

  • Business suit and equipment

    The charitable treasurer

    When a major international charity or not-for-profit organisation falls foul of a bad FX deal the impact is far greater than a mere accounting loss. Many such organisations lack the treasury know-how that could prevent such financially damaging events. Now is the time for treasurers to make a difference.

  • Pile of Renminbi notes

    BAD news for corporate cash flow

    Many corporates in China are finding their cash flow disrupted due to the increasing use of bank acceptance drafts (BADs). Their use has increased as the economy has slowed and credit conditions have tightened, and they now act as a secondary currency, allowing companies to meet their payment obligations.

  • Amit Agarwal, Emre Karter and Dimitrios Raptis from Citi

    Managing emerging market liquidity

    Expanding in emerging markets may offer businesses unprecedented opportunity for growth, but most making that move know that there are increased risks too which, if left untended, could impair their bottom line. What can be done?

  • Gordon Rodrigues, HSBC Global Asset Management

    Liquid funds in India

    The liquid funds industry in India is well established and can be used as an ‘access point’ to other asset classes. Liquid funds can help corporate treasurers optimise their returns on cash, but there are regulatory and tax considerations to take into account.