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  • The treasury of tomorrow, today

    In a time of great change, corporate treasury professionals in Asia Pacific need not only a bank, but a banking partner. In this article, Citi outlines how it is supporting its clients in new and imaginative ways across cash, liquidity and trade.

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    Live on-screen cash positions and ultimate real-time control for treasurers

    Today, treasury teams want real time information about their cash positions at their fingertips. BNP Paribas’ new liquidity management module does exactly this, providing live on-screen consolidated cash positions from international subsidiaries and other entities in the kind of detail never before possible.

  • David Blair, Acarate

    Payments without banks

    The current arrangements for storing and transferring value evolved over centuries under organisational, legal and technical constraints that are now mostly irrelevant. Rather than delegating account holding and payments to banks, central banks should bank us all directly.

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    Best in class liquidity management: steps to success

    The scope of the treasurer’s role can vary considerably from company to company. But for all treasurers, knowing where the company’s cash is being held, and making the best use of that cash, is a fundamental concern.

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    Building a best in class liquidity management structure

    Liquidity management is a fundamental concern for treasurers around the world – and putting in place a suitable structure is essential in order to achieve the required level of visibility and control over cash. The effectiveness of such structures can be affected by everything from M&A activity to regulatory change. Treasurers should regularly review the structures they have in place to ensure the company’s needs are met – but what does a best in class liquidity structure look like, and how can treasurers achieve this?

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    Welcome to the liquidity machine

    In a volatile world, where market pressures seem to be pulling treasurers in several directions at once, being able to automatically manage operational liquidity and surplus cash sounds like an attractive proposition. A new banking solution promises to deliver just that.

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    Centralising treasury in Africa – some considerations

    Corporates doing more business in Africa are increasingly looking to centralise treasury operations. Here we look at the various locations where it’s best to do this and how liquidity can be managed across this vast continent.

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    A matter of policy

    If a treasury investment policy has not changed to reflect the ‘new normal’ of regulatory reform, market volatility and struggling interest rates, then something is very wrong. Taking lessons from Europe and the US, Treasury Today Asia looks at the processes involved in establishing an investment policy that is fit for purpose.

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    Japan joins less than zero club

    Corporates in Japan may need to rethink their approach to liquidity management following the recent decision to begin charging lenders for holding money at the central bank. But can any lessons be drawn from the experiences of their treasury peers in Europe?

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    Risk and low yield top treasurers’ investment concerns

    Money market reform comes into effect in the US later this year, and Europe may not be too far behind. But a new survey reveals that it is no longer the changing regulatory environment that most worries the corporate cash investor.