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    Friend or foe: repos unravelled

    Whether repos are seen as the answer to cash deposit prayers in a low-yield era or as an administrative headache depends on your level of understanding. Treasury Today seeks an explanation from an industry exponent.

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    Mapping the new liquidity landscape

    Across the globe, the cash and liquidity landscape is changing. Once the dust settles from the extensive regulatory and market changes currently being witnessed, what will the new short-term investment world look like for the corporate treasurer?

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    Getting to grips with VNAV

    New regulatory proposals set out for money market funds (MMFs) by the European Commission (EC) earlier this year are set to radically reshape the trillion dollar industry. But perhaps not in the way that a lot of people anticipated.

  • Cash segmentation and investments

    A successful treasurer is one who achieves a good balance between investing excess cash and delivering the necessary cash resources to support company liquidity. In this article, we look at how categorising cash into separate portfolios enables consideration of the risk/return profile necessary to meet the company’s liquidity requirements.

  • Repurchase agreements

    This month’s question

    “How popular have repurchase (repo) agreements been over the last 12 months amongst corporates? Also, are there any legal challenges that corporates looking to trade repurchase agreements should know about?”

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    FDs losing sight of counterparty risk

    Credit policy review is taking a backseat as Financial Directors (FDs) focus on short-term investment strategy says a new study from Capita Asset Services.

  • Barry Harbison, HSBC Asset Management

    Money market funds: making more of a changing world

    In a constantly changing short-term investment environment we examine how money market funds can provide treasurers with a valuable source of independent credit analysis, portfolio diversification and liquidity.

  • Jonathan Curry and Nick Jones, HSBC

    Coping with low rates and changes in the money markets

    The low yield environment in recent years has presented many challenges for corporate treasurers – and unfortunately this situation looks likely to continue. Jonathan Curry, Global Chief Investment Officer – Liquidity, and Nick Jones, Head of Sales, Liquidity, EMEA at HSBC, explore changes in the money markets and how new regulation is impacting corporate treasury.

  • Short-term investments

    Investors and leading fund managers discuss the challenge of investing cash in the short-term markets. They discuss the regulatory threats to the money fund industry and the possible solutions, as well as the various alternatives they are considering.

  • United Nations headquarters in New York

    UNifying cash management in conflict zones

    Operating in war-torn countries on a daily basis would be a challenge for any company, but what if it is your raison d’etre? Pedro Guazo Alonso, Director of Finance at the United Nations (UN), gave some insight as to the UN treasury’s specific cash management challenges at EuroFinance Miami 2013.