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    What will the EU MMF changes mean for you?

    Following years of negotiation, European money market fund reform is close to being finalised. Here is what a handful of the world’s top Asset Managers believe the changes mean for you, the corporate investor.

  • Short-term investments

    This issue’s question

    “Aside from bank deposits, what short-term investment options are corporates in Asia Pacific using?”

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    Corporate treasurers respond to the changing investment landscape

    J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s latest PeerView survey finds that treasury professionals around the world are taking proactive steps to overcome short-term investment challenges.

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    Getting to grips with exchange traded funds

    In light of the challenges they face in today’s liquidity environment, some treasurers are looking at the benefits of using exchange traded funds (ETFs) as a means of managing their strategic cash, as well as for liquidity and hedging purposes.

  • Investment time on an old watch

    Where should I put my cash?

    In light of Basel III, treasurers need to understand how the new regulation may affect their bank deposits and whether alternative investment vehicles might be worthy of investigation.

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    Reviewing short-term investments

    Currently in the process of being implemented, Basel III has considerable implications for banks – and, by extension, for their corporate customers. In light of the changes, treasurers need to have a clear understanding of how the new regulation may affect their bank deposits, and whether alternative investment vehicles might be worthy of investigation. As such, treasurers should assess whether any changes are needed to their short-term investment instruments and policies.

  • Built to fit: a bespoke cash investment policy for Asia Pacific

    Asia Pacific is far from homogenous, which brings all manner of complexity for the corporate cash investor. It is therefore crucial for corporates to have a cash investment policy that is both robust and flexible and that encompasses local nuances whilst still aligning with global objectives.

  • Evolution of red tulips blossoming

    The evolution of cash management

    Since the credit crisis, prudent financial management has led many corporates to accumulate substantial cash reserves. These reserves have usually been placed with banks or in money market funds – but recent developments are leading treasurers to reconsider how to manage their cash.

  • Stock market numbers on screen

    Goldman brings ETFs to the cash investor

    It’s an Exchange Traded Fund, but not like one you will have seen before. Goldman Sachs Asset Management tell us why they think their new ETF that offers daily liquidity will be a big hit with corporate cash investors.

  • Mechanism of clockwork of a watch

    US MMF reform: the initial assessment

    Last week, Treasury Today provided a brief refresher on the US money market fund reform. Now, just under a week since the reforms went live, we speak to Andrew Linton, Head of Global Liquidity Product Development at J.P. Morgan Asset Management who provides commentary on the changes and offers some practical advice for corporate treasurers.