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    Understanding the short-term investment landscape

    Regulatory changes such as Basel III have affected the way that banks view operational and non-operational deposits, while low interest rates and the rise of money market funds are also impacting treasurers’ short-term investment decisions. What are treasurers looking for in the current market – and how important is it to review existing policies?

  • Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Global Liquidity Product Development, International at J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    It’s time to plan for European money market fund regulations

    With just months to go until the new rules governing the money market fund industry in Europe come into effect, treasurers need to start preparing for the future. Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Global Liquidity Product Development, International at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, provides a roadmap for the months ahead.

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    MMF reform: a to-do list

    With Europe’s money market fund reform now under way, fund managers have plenty to do this year as they adjust their offerings in line with the new rules. Meanwhile, treasurers should take the opportunity to review the new fund structures, update their investment policies and check that their cash and treasury management systems are able to cater for the changes.

  • Malcolm Andrews, Group Treasury Manager and Jeff Dart, Group Assistant Treasurer, SEEK

    Problem Solved: 
    Malcolm Andrews and Jeff Dart, SEEK

    Rapid international growth and the build up of surplus cash in complex markets has created short-term investment challenges for SEEK’s treasury team. How did J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s liquidity solutions help solve these problems?

  • Capital structure: the cash conundrum

    In the last edition of Treasury Today Asia, I wrote about how efficient cash management leaves open the question of what treasurers should do with the cash concentrated through their balance management efforts. Recently there has been more press about whether corporates’ excess cash means working capital and cash efficiency no longer matters. Efficiency emphatically still matters – here’s why.

  • The impact of changes to US monetary policy on corporate cash investments

    In a recent webinar, BlackRock Global Cash Management’s Tom Kolimago, Head of Credit and Investment Research, and Crystina Hickey, Institutional Cash Sales Asia joined Treasury Today Asia to give corporate investors the inside track on the major trends impacting the short-term investment landscape.

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    Corporates seek diversified AUD cash management options

    Basel III is having a significant impact on how corporates manage Australian dollar cash deposits.

  • Aidan Shevlin, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Raising the standards of Chinese money market funds

    The Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission recently published a set of new rules designed to strengthen the Chinese money fund industry. Its aim is to create a stable foundation for future growth. Aidan Shevlin, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, outlines what this all means for investors.

  • Why you should rethink your investment strategy

    With the low, zero or even negative interest rates on offer today, opportunities to optimise cash surpluses are few and far between. Many corporates now accept that ROI has been replaced with RMI – Return My Investment. In a recent webinar hosted by Treasury Today, Thant Han, Chris Brown and Simon Derrick offered some words of wisdom.

  • Responding to European Money Market Fund reform: a portfolio manager’s perspective

    At long last, European Money Market Fund reform is almost upon us. But don’t wait until the ink has dried; start looking at your policies and approaches now, say BlackRock experts, Beccy Milchem, Head of Corporate Sales and Eric Hiatt, Director, Portfolio Manager.