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    Credit where it’s due

    While corporate insolvencies are leaving many suppliers with unpaid bills, the cost and availability of trade credit insurance cover has improved significantly in recent years.

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    Are you ready for the revised Insurance Act?

    A revision of the Insurance Act under English law due to come into force this year will make the claims disputes process fairer. However, it requires considerably more effort on the part of the insured to make certain the material facts are presented pre-contract.

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    Coping with a scandal

    In the first of our new series asking corporates to consider various situations, Treasury Today takes a closer look at how companies can prepare for the worst. When news of a scandal hits, much of the focus gathers around the main offenders, but what about those left holding the reins? Managing the short-term reputation is just the start, as the treasurer is relied upon to keep on top of the reverberations in a rapidly changing environment.

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    The strategic value of insurance: part two

    The ability to accurately calculate the relative merits of purchasing corporate risk insurance versus insuring through a wholly-owned captive insurer versus self-funding a loss opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making. In part two of this look at risk insurance we look at a new Big Data-led take on price comparison.

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    Double act take credit for SCF offering

    A new offering from PrimeRevenue and AIG promises to open access to supply chain finance to non-investment grade businesses, potentially freeing up billions for the UK economy currently tied up in invoices. We find out what steps have been taken to bring this SCF solution to the mid-market, and what corporate buyers can do to ensure suppliers see SCF as the win-win solution it really is.

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    The strategic value of insurance: part one

    If treasurers can easily calculate the value of buying insurance versus the cost of holding capital, it opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making when dealing with stakeholders and insurers alike.

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    Is it time to increase your political risk insurance?

    In a world of upheaval and uncertainty, specialist political risk insurance has become a more attractive proposition for multinational companies and right now the market conditions are favourable for buyers.

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    Treasurers play a role in addressing disaster risk

    Reducing disaster risk might not be every treasurer’s top priority. But given the importance of managing all risks to the business in the treasury department, the R!SE initiative – intended to encourage risk-sensitive investments – deserves the treasury community’s attention.

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    The 100-year plan for pensions

    Taking the uncertainty out of a defined benefit (DB) pension liability seems like a sensible option. One way of doing this is through an insurance buy-out or buy-in. What are the benefits of entering the pension risk transfer market?

  • Malcolm Cooper, National Grid

    Corporate View: 
    Malcolm Cooper, National Grid

    National Grid’s Global Tax and Treasury Director, Malcolm Cooper, on bank deposits, corporate debt and why he feels he has the best treasury job in the UK.